5 Accommodation Problems…solved

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Common complaints are often repeated, and almost all of them can be avoided by renting a private villa. The old addage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" has perhaps never rung as true as it does when it comes to holiday accommodation. Since the advent of customer reviews on travel websites and hotel booking portals, extreme praise and criticism often hold court in equal measure among the various comments posted by satisfied and disgruntled guests. Common complaints are often repeated, and almost all of them can be avoided by renting a private villa.


Virtual reality One of the common problems cited by hotel guests on the web is the gap between online representations of the accommodation they book and the reality they find on arrival. Wide angle lenses can make rooms look far more spacious than they really are, pools can seem longer and wider, obstructions can be removed from the view, and nearby intrusions can be ignored altogether in the frame. Baan Jakawan At a private villa, such concerns are few and far between. In fact, the generous private living spaces and expansive grounds are often quite difficult to squeeze into the photos, which is the villa pages on this website feature galleries with copious images taken from a variety of angles at various times of the day. Virtual tours and videos add a further perspective so you can be sure that when you choose a villa — what you see is what you will get. View to a thrill Most modern beachside hotels are carefully designed to maximise ocean views, but positioning buildings that house hundreds of rooms is not an easy task, even for the best architects. This often means there's a price premium for rooms with the best vistas that may exclude a majority of guests from the experience. Another common approach at resorts is to make sure every guest gets the chance to experience the oceanside vibe by giving communal facilities such as restaurants and beach clubs the prime vantage points, but this means sharing the pleasure with strangers. Suralai bedroom view At a private villa, the view is all yours, and in most cases can be enjoyed not only from the living areas and poolside terrace, but also from every bedroom. In the best hillside properties on islands like Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali the views actually become part of the decor — a real life animated wallpaper that shifts and changes throughout the stay. Neighbourhood watch Even the most exclusive hotels and resorts cater to large numbers of guests, and although many go to great lengths to offer privacy, connecting balconies or public pathways that pass right in front of the room are a common cause for complaint. One of the joys of a tropical island is that you can leave the doors flung open and drift between in and outdoor spaces freely. If doing so means regularly having to wave at a neighbour or passer by, the sense of personal escape diminishes. Jakawaan View The design and flow of many private holiday villas is particularly sensitive to privacy. Villa bedrooms are often housed in their own stand alone pavillions or open onto private terraces, allowing guests the chance to choose between personal and social time, even when sharing the villa with family or a groups of friends. Keeping house Although the best hotels are rarely lacking when it comes to cleanliness. Employing and managing large numbers of people to keep rooms and facilities in tip top condition is a logistical challenge that requires precision planning and scheduling, as well as intensive training. Guests at large hotels often complain of being disturbed by maids and housekeeping staff, while cursory cleaning routines also come in for regular criticism on travel websites. Mullioncove Living Most private villas benefit from a team of dedicated staff, so the manager, maid and maintenance team are trained to be acutely aware of their guests' schedules and movements in order to avoid disturbing them during the stay. Many private residences actually boast a live-in team that knows the villa inside and out. They are proud of the property and therefore keen to keep it in pristine condition, not only for guests but also for the absent owners. Service excess Ironically, or perhaps naturally, as service quality has become a major selling point for many hotels and resorts, the range of guest expectations has broadened considerably. Although inattentive service remains a common complaint, the opposite is also now often mentioned as a holiday frustration. Over zealous waiters, hovering personal butlers and pushy concierge can me more of an irritation than an indulgence for some guests, and a balance is not always easy to find. Lime Samui Staffs Guests at private villas often comment that even in the most opulent, well appointed properties, it's the staff that really make the stay special. Having your own personal hospitality team allows you to choose exactly how much or how little service you need. Friendly relationships are quickly formed and the staff are not over stretched by having to cater to large numbers of guests simultaneously, which allows them to focus on individual preferences and to understand more swiftly the way their guests like things done.       by