5 Holiday Gaming Consoles

Submitted by admin on 2016/07/04 10:45:18 AM
For those that can't tear themselves away from the excitement and challenge of the virtual gaming world, portable consoles let you take a favourite game or two on vacation. If you’re not the type to settle into a book as you’re lounging by the pool at your private villa, perhaps a few games on a handheld console will help you relax? Nintendo still largely dominates the market, but there are plenty of new devices to choose from as a virtual holiday companion. It really just depends what you want out of your console and what games you enjoy. Most top of the range gadgets now emulate the high-quality gaming experience that you would enjoy on your desktop or TV back home, so it pays to do your research into gaming options in advance. Below are a few top choices for gaming addicts. Nintendo 3DS XL Nintendo 3DS XL While many people choose to play games on their smartphones and tablets, the quality of the graphics still doesn’t quite match the experience you get on a dedicated gaming device. Top notch devices like the Nintendo 3DS XL offer a vast choice when it comes to the library of games that are available and encompass action and adventure along with all the classics, so there’s really something for everyone to enjoy on holiday. Another highlight of this device is that you can play multiplayer games through your villa’s Wi-Fi connection. It also boasts two large screens and glasses-free 3D graphics. Sony Playstation Vita Sony Playstation Vita The light design and excellent battery life on this gaming device make it a hit for travelling gamers. The unit boasts an enormous number of independent games and works well remotely with the PS4 system. When it comes to extra entertainment offered by a gaming console, this device is also a winner because you can easily listen to your favourite tunes or watch films that you have stored on the memory card. There are even apps for Netflix and YouTube that can be installed if you fancy lazing your day away watching your favourite TV shows. Nvidia Shield Nvidia Shield The real bonus when you opt for this gaming console is that you can remotely wake up your home computer from your position by the pool thousands of miles away and play your favourite games without getting up from the sun lounger. The unit comprises a  five-inch HD touchscreen, 2GM of RAM and a quad-core processor – all of which make it an extremely powerful gaming device. If your computer is enabled with a GeForce graphics card, you will be able to play one of the many PC-games that have been optimised for this device. The Nvidia Sheild also has six hours of battery life so you can plan on having some extended quality gaming time during your holiday. Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS Another Nintendo offering, the 3DS device offers a wide range of options for gamers to enjoy whilst they’re on holiday. The unit uses glasses-free technology, which makes it an easy option on the road and you can even adjust the level of 3D effect via a slider button function on the bottom of the unit. Turning off the 3D will also extend the battery life of the device, exte your blissful poolside gaming session. The device also comes with its own charging dock, so it’s simple to charge the device overnight in your private villa. Nintendo 2DS Nintendo 2DS An affordable alternative to high-end consoles, this is one of the classic options for holiday gamers as it offers many of the features of the 3DS range without costing as much. Sturdy, durable and lightweight, the 2DS the perfect option for kids to slip into their hand luggage so they can play a few games on the long flight to Thailand. If the battery is running low, there’s also a slider on the bottom of the device to set it to low-power mode.