5 Top Thai Spa Products

Submitted by admin on 2017/10/09 03:00:14 AM

We round up five of Thailand’s finest beauty brands to look out for on your holiday, and explain why their various lotions and potions are perfect for your private pamper sessions

A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without some quality time spent relaxing in a spa. Whether you prefer body scrubs or facials, one thing is true of both treatments – it is only going to be as good as the beauty products used. Thanks to spacious bathrooms and opulent facilities, it’s easy for travellers staying in one of Thailand’s luxury private villas to create their very own spa-like cocoon at home. These lavish properties are well stocked with their own array of beautifying lotions and potions – some of which will even be locally made. If you’re keen to pick up a few essential lotions whilst on holiday in Thailand, here are some of the leading brands to look out for.

Naturally beautiful

If you prefer to stock your bathroom cabinet with simple, honest and organic goods, then look no further than Siam Botanicals. The range of facial, skincare and bathing products are all made from quality natural ingredients. The brand also makes a conscious effort to be sustainable wherever possible, sourcing products locally and keeping single-use packaging simple to minimise environmental impact. Their invigorating peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus range of bath-time botanicals is ideal if you’re keen to create a soothing spa-like atmosphere in your villa’s master bathroom suite. Visit www.siambotanicals.com for more information.

Living the Thai life

For those on the hunt for spa luxury, pure and simple, Erb’s products are the perfect pick. The brand’s name comes from the old Thai expression “erb-im”, which refers to the natural radiant glow of beautiful Thai women throughout history. Inspiration for Erb’s product range dates back to the days when women of the Siam court would have indulgent beauty regimes, using the best natural products. All of Erb’s beauty products have their base in high-quality, sustainably sourced organic ingredients. Sensuality and luxury are key themes, and the irresistible fragrances of the brand’s bathing products range from oriental lemongrass to wild ginger. For more details on each of Erb’s lavish collections, visit www.erbasia.com.

High-end treats

Thanks to its irresistibly fragrant range of skin, body and hair care products Thann is one of Thailand’s most internationally acclaimed brands. Ever since it was established in 2002, Thann has always been about luxury, and you only need to take one look at its sleek array of beauty products to see why. In addition to beautifying goods for your bathroom, Thann also offers opulent extras including candles and other bathroom/bedroom accessories to help you relax and ease into the pampering mood. Thann takes much of its inspiration from Asian traditions, with unique collections taking on themes like oriental essence and aromatic wood. Visit www.thann.info for further details.

Traditional heritage

Harnn’s splendid collection pays homage to thousands of years’ worth of holistic Asian beautifying rituals. Traditional Asian medicine forms the basis of many of the range’s aromatherapy, skin and hair care products, resulting in an eclectic selection of luxurious pampering goods. The brand places a specific focus on its Thai heritage, honing in on natural Thai ingredients and honouring the beauty and health rewards of traditional Thai massage. Harnn’s extensive beauty products captivate with sensual aromas of sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot and many more. Head to www.harnn.com to learn more.

International favourite

Thanks to the excellent quality of its products, Panpuri has made a name for itself across the world. In fact, this local Thai brand can be found in the US, UAE, Japan and also some European countries. A strong focus on traditional Southeast Asian ingredients forms the core of the brand’s ethos, made real through a delectable selection of body butters, hand lotions, refreshing body mists and hair treatments. Panpuri products can be found in many of Thailand’s high-end spas, although it’s well worth heading to one of the brand’s boutiques to top up your supply of lotions and potions. Visit www.panpuri.com for more information.