Application Vacation in Thailand

Submitted by admin on 2016/07/18 10:37:39 AM
Thailand is a great destination for tech-minded travelers that enjoy exploring a destination with the help of their smartphones. A host of apps are available to enhance the holiday experience. Once upon a time, travellers that wanted to explore the best attractions and sample the best restaurants in Thailand had to pack a hefty guide book into their hand luggage. Nowadays, there’s a wealth of websites and handy apps available that fit all of that knowledge onto one compact device – a smartphone. All the information and services you could possibly need are now available at the swipe of a finger – from apps with the power to collate your holiday photographs to those that help you book taxis or reserve a table for dinner Below is a selection of hot holiday smartphone downloads. 3D Thailand See Thru Thailand See Thru Thailand is the latest of fabulous virtual reality apps to hit smartphones. Set to launch in October this year, the application allows users to view their destinations in 3D and interact with attractions on a whole new level. In addition to learning a range of fun new facts about Thailand’s attractions, See Thru also allows you to create a travel story, introducing new destinations and reviewing different places as you go. Location sharing also means you to see what other users are getting up to. Local Lingo Learn Thai app If you truly want to rub shoulders with the locals whilst you’re on holiday, then it’s worth learning a few Thai phrases (or more!) to practise while you’re down at the local market or touring a temple. Learn Thai is one of the most user-friendly apps out there, and provides over 200 common phrases that are used everyday in Thailand, including greetings, numbers and eating out vocabulary. The audio recordings, read by native Thai speakers, come in particularly handy if you’re still perfecting your pronunciation. Snap Appy Pixlr If Instagram and Facebook simply don’t do it for you anymore, why not download a new photography app to put together all your best holiday snaps? Pixlr is one of the best offerings out there, and features an incredible choice of more than two million effects, overlays and filters. In terms of special features, there’s plenty to keep you busy – including an incredibly straightforward collage maker to put all of your favourite vacation moments together. There’s also the option to add captions if you want to remember exactly which beach you were snapping and when Poolside Cocktails Mixologist If you fell like mixing up a few sunset cocktails to enjoy by the pool at your private villa, then Mixologist is a must-have cocktail app to help you experiment with your own creations. Simply tell the app what ingredients you have on hand – perhaps including some Thai taste favourites like lemon, coconut cream, rum or even chilli – and the app will recommend some delicious drinks you can make. Getting There & Back Grab taxi Booking a taxi via one of Thailand’s many apps is certainly the quickest and most reliable way to get back to your private villa after a dinner or night out. Uber is probably the most famous of all the taxi apps, and available in Bangkok and Phuket. Grab Taxi is also available in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Rai and allows you to request your destination so that nearby drivers can accept your fare and come straight to pick you up. In Koh Samui, you can try out NaviGo which launched earlier this year and provides a swift and safe ride home.