Apps for Holiday Snaps

Submitted by admin on 2015/03/02 10:31:24 AM
If you travel to an exotic destination like Thailand and take in the stunning natural and cultural sites, you will probably want to share the best moments with friends and family by uploading a few photos during the trip. A whole host of photo apps now make sharing your images swift and easy. Now that everyone has a smart phone, there is no need to wait until you get home to show off your holiday snaps to friends and family. Indeed, with your private villa’s speedy internet connection, you can share your favourite holiday moments in real time. For savvy app users, there is now an array of options aside from Instagram and Flickr – the most popular sharing platforms – to try out when you are in the mood for something a little different. Below are a few ideas to get you smart sharing. Green Screen Avocado For couples or friends that can't travel together due to work or family commitments, Avocado offers a great way to stay in touch. Once you have created your own account and linked it to your partner’s account, you are ready to start sharing messages, photos and videos. It's a breeze to use and you will even be alerted if the other user’s phone battery is low. What’s more, files you share on Avocado remain separate from the rest of the data on your phone, which is useful if your long-distance messaging gets a little steamy. Get Inspired Travel If you love feasting your eyes on colourful photo apps like Pinterest, then you will definitely enjoy WeHeartIt – the next big thing when it comes to inspirational apps. Use a selection of key words to search a database of thousands of images in order to see what inspires you, and If you like it, you ‘heart’ it. You can even follow other users who continually inspire you. On your travels, you can also give a little back by sharing a few spectacular sights, whether it's a blissful Phuket sunset or the vivid colours of a bustling Bangkok market. Bucket of Fun Photobucket Photobucket is the perfect sharing app for photo-happy travellers that have more than a few snaps to share with loved ones back home. Users can create, organise and edit their albums and use the app to share images via Facebook, Twitter and email. To convey your perfect family afternoon at the beach to grandparents back home, Photobucket’s fantastic “Stories” feature allows you to integrate photos of the ocean, videos of your kids’ first surfing lesson and fun captions into a single, sharable canvas. Your beach-tastic canvas can then be shared via a range of other social networking platforms friends and family at the other end don’t even need Photobucket to view it. For the Foodies Foodspotting Food is one of our favourite subjects to capture on camera, and the more tempting the meal the better. If your private chef has just whipped up a gourmet feast in the kitchen of your private villa, share the experience with other foodies by uploading your snaps to Instagram and using the hashtag #foodspotting. Essentially, this app allows you to rate specific dishes rather than restaurants, which is great news if you are enjoying an obscure Thai speciality that you want to share with other Thai food lovers. The best thing about Food Spotting is that negative reviews of dishes aren’t allowed, so you will only find a delectable banquet of pure food love. Vintage Holiday Snaps Vintage photos If you enjoy sharing the odd artsy photograph with friends and family rather than bombarding them with standard holiday snapshots, Hipstamatic may be just the app for you. This digital photography application allows your phone camera to shoot square photos that use a host of magical filters to make the images look as though they have been snapped with a vintage film camera. The inventive shots are great for capturing the more subtle moments you might encounter on your travels, whether that’s funky Thai street art or even a beach vendor selling coconuts at dusk. Muted colours, a quirky interplay between light and shadow and a simple square frame can transform a quick snap into a special photographic memory.