Bangkok sets the stage

Submitted by admin on 2012/08/20 02:04:37 PM
Bangkok Concerts Following on the platforms of Lady Gaga's sell out show in June, the world's biggest dance event hit the stage at Bangkok's Impact Arena on August 8 with a multi-media performance art extravaganza called  ‘Ocean of White’ designed as a nocturnal deep sea dive with acrobats shooting over the ceiling, giant jellyfish hovering above the dancefloor, and global name DJs guiding the 10,000 strong throng through the uncharted waters of mesmerizing grooves and melodies. The first ever Sensation took place at the Amsterdam ArenA – home of Ajax football club, and drew 20,000 clubbers. Since then, over half a million people across the world have experienced one of the most spectacular dance and music phenomenons in the world. Hosting such a large scale event (only the second of its kind in Asia) was a major achievement for Bangkok, which is often by-passed in favour of cities like Hong Kong and Singapore when big name music performers tour Southeast Asia. This year, it seems, things are looking up, with several more global artists and bands set to please the appreciative crowds in the Thai capital. On September 20, Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds are scheduled to debut at Bitec Bangna, while UK Indie tune masters Keane will play Moonstar Studios on October 4. Then, just a few days later on October 8, pop-throbbers Maroon 5 will be trying to make themselves heard above  the shrill of teenage admiration at Impact Arena. Press reports have also suggested Thai concert promoters BEC-Tero had talks with the lies of Sir Elton John, American punk outfit Green Day and 90s rock legends Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which suggests Asia's City of Angels is finally gaining recognition as venue for big shows. With any luck some of the world's less profitable but equally talented artists will take this as a cue to take the stage at some of the city's many excellent music venues. If your heading to Thailand in the next few months and want to make the most of your time in Bangkok, visit for upcoming gigs.     by LVH Marketing