Bathe Away the Stress

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One of the attractions of staying in a private villa is the opportunity to indulge in long, blissful soaks in the ensuite bathtub or linger that bit longer under a relaxing rainshower. If you choose the right selection of products to enhance the moment; bath or shower time will soon become one of the highlights of the holiday. Rainshower The facilities provided at private villas in Thailand and Bali are second to none and offer guests the ultimate tranquil space for relaxation and a break from their busy lives at home. In everyday life, a packed work schedule or full social calendar often means there is only time for a quick shower before starting the day, then another equally swift rinse off before bed. Fortunately, the same does not apply to vacation schedules, especially not for villa guests enjoying tropical island treasures. Many villas feature huge rain-showers and opulent bathtubs, which provide the perfect place for guests to let the rest of the world fade away as they relax and pamper themselves at leisure. An assortment of sensuous bath and shower products can go a long way in making this experience even much more luxurious, whether you are enjoying it alone or with your loved one. The rich, smooth and fragrant choices below will all add a whole new dimension your personal relaxation experience. Love L’Occitane L'Occitane shower gel Lather up with L’Occitane’s Zesty Bodycare duo, an opulent set that comprises a revitalising shower gel and a creamy body lotion that will soothe your skin after a day of sunbathing. The unique, citrusy fragrance of the rich verbena extract is intended to energize the body, making it the perfect shower gel to use before a night out on the town. The zesty verbena fragrance will also leave your skin tingly and fresh throughout the evening. Thann in Thailand Thann shampoo Thann, one of Thailand’s premier luxury spa and skincare brands, uses natural ingredients to combine traditional therapies with the modern science of dermatology. If you want to splash out on some indulgent bath products, Thann’s Oriental Essence Aromatherapy shampoo should be at the top of your list. This rich shampoo contains a mixture of moisturising wheat protein and plant essential oils including Kaffir Lime and Lemongrass designed to nourish your hair. What’s more, Thann places an emphasis on using only environmentally friendly products, and is a great supporter of human and animal rights . The Erb Elixir Erb conditioner Conditioner is an essential holiday beauty product for hair that has had its moisture sapped by extended periods under the sun. Erb is another Thailand-based chain, offering a range of goodies to keep your hair and body happy on holiday. Its Eastern Treat conditioner contains jasmine to soften and soothe your locks, and rice bran oil with Vitamin E to inject some extra shine. The conditioner also contains fresh mint to soothe away any tension you have built up through the day, making it the perfect product to include during a relaxing soak in your private villa bath tub. Molton Brown Hydrosak Molton Brown hydrosoak A long, hot soak in your villa’s luxurious bath tub would not be complete without the addition of some fragrant bubble bath, oils or salts. Once added to the hot water, Molton Brown’s Seamoss Stress Relieving Hydrosoak acts as an aromatherapy treatment, essentially bringing the spa experience into your own bathroom. The mixture combines dead sea salts to revitalise your skin and horse chestnut to add a refreshing woody aroma. A Lush massage Lush massage bar Honeymooners who plan to make the most of their private villa’s generous tub should not forget to pack one of Lush’s natural soap massage bars. The bobbled shape of the Bewitched massage bar makes it perfect for easing the knots out of your muscles and massaging away any tension. The Bewitched bar also contains natural coconut oil, which melts away on your skin to leave it feeling silky and smooth. The perfect complement to a tropical soak. Bath Tub Soak The best private villas often provide their own amenities to ensure that guests enjoy a refreshing bath and shower  as much as they do the other amenities. One of the greatest luxuries is simply having the time and privacy to let the water work its magic and revive your tired body and soul.   by