Beach Read: Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

Submitted by admin on 2012/09/10 01:34:45 PM
Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan Ian McEwan is one of those authors that commands a loyal following and inspires faith in the continued appeal intelligent literary fiction. His novels and short stories have also long been popular and worthy travellers' companions ever since the dark, evolving suspense of  "The Comfort of Strangers" captured the imaginations of the literary world back in 1981 (with considerably more finesse than any of the 50 shades ever achieved). McEwan's complex characterisations and clever plot lines are also well suited to film, as exemplified by no less than seven screen adaptations, most recently for Enduring Love in 2004,  and of course, Atonement in 2077, which was awarded Best Motion Picture Drama in the 65th Gold Globe Awards. McEwan's latest novel, Sweet Tooth, takes readers on a suspense laden journey filled with a well crafted blend of images and intrigue that combines elements of a classic spy thriller with a romantic, seductive and at times auto-biographical adventure. The novel centres on the challenges and heartbreaks facing a privileged and Oxford Educated young woman, Serena, who after an affair with one of her professors is recruited by MI5 in the 1970s to persuade an upcoming author to unwittingly become an agent in return for a generous allowance. The couple fall in love, but then complications and mutual suspicions ensuer, leaving Serena and the reader to question who is really directing the scene. The author's masterfully painted backdrop of a former age of European austerity provides a stark, distinctly cold reminder of the social tensions that arise in economically troubled times, but the novel is also peppered with warmer moments and boasts a dynamic, film-like quality that strongly suggest its future release on the big screen. Thanks to McEwan's intensive research, which included consultation with the undisputed master of the spy novel, John Le Carré, the undertones of secrecy and lies are skilled enough to make you want to flick back through the pages to check your allegiances. A novel that definitely deserves the additional weight in your hand luggage, your brain will thanks you for the recreational holiday work out, and the climate references alone will make you appreciate your beachside escape all the more.     by LVH Marketing