Beach Style for the Boys

Submitted by admin on 2013/09/26 10:38:36 AM
In the past, holiday menswear has suffered an unfortunate reputation for lurid Hawaiian print shirts and nightmarish lycra speedos. However, all this has changed in recent years, with a dedicated fashion sector opening up for stylish men on vacation. It is not only women who have the chance to showcase their style on beach holidays in Thailand and Bali. Increasing numbers of men are making style statements with their outfits, with fashions that look as good on the beach as they do in the bar. Whether men choose to channel their inner surfer or go for a smarter, preppy look whilst they are relaxing on the beach, a few of the products below should provide dudes with inspiration to strike that perfect holiday style. Surfer style O'Neill boardies These boardies are the perfect choice for men who want to pull off surfer style without investing in a pair of flowery shorts. The unique O’Neill print is stylish without being understated, and the light material makes these shorts perfect for an afternoon spent on the beach or lounging by the pool in your private villa. Military mayhem Billabong shorts The Fleck military shorts are another great choice for men who want to steer clear of floral prints on holiday this winter. The jungle inspired print is vibrant without being overpowering, and will make an ideal sightseeing outfit when teamed up with a plain t-shirt and stylish shades. Southern California style Hollister flip flops No one should take a trip to Thailand or Bali without investing in a pair of classy flip flops before they go. Not only are flip flops easy and practical for lounging on the beach, but they are also comfortable. The Hollister Classic Beach flip flops pictured here ooze the Southern Californian chic of the brand, and are also available in a rainbow of other hues, including pink, blue, black, white and red. Aztec accents Topman shirt If you want to rock one of this winter’s hottest print trends, then look no further than Topman’s burgundy Aztec print short-sleeved shirt. Made of 100 percent cotton, this light material will help you stay as cool and fresh as possible when you are enjoying a few drinks out on the town on a balmy tropical evening. The chest pocket and classic fit add extra finesse that gives the wearer an instant, yet effortless style. Great graphics Abercrombie Fitch tee Abercrombie & Fitch offer a great range of graphic print t-shirts for men who want to go for a preppier style whilst they are on vacation, as opposed to the surfer look. The Opalescent River Tee is part of Abercrombie’s graphic print range, and the unique image is bound to capture the attention of Thailand’s bathing beach beauties. Comprised solely of cotton, this t-shirt is also another win for men who want to stay as cool as possible throughout the heat of the day. by