Best Family Holiday Photography

Submitted by admin on 2017/02/14 01:04:40 PM
If you’re planning a private family villa holiday with your little ones, then you have a great opportunity to snap an amazing selection of holiday snaps. Take full advantage of the location, space and relaxed atmosphere at your exclusive “home away from home”. Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your kids – especially if you’re heading out for a relaxing break at a private rental villa in Thailand. On picture perfect islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, every day brings the chance to make treasured new memories, and everyone will have at least their phone camera handy to record as much of those experiences as possible. When photographing kids, however, it’s often difficult to capture the perfect shot – especially if they are too excited to sit still, to focused to smile, or too happy to stop pulling silly faces. If you want to set up some spectacular shots of the kids this vacation, it’s best to arm yourself with a few tried and tested techniques. Let them Call the Shots Beach or pool If you have little ones of your own, then you’ll know only too well that they like getting their own way. This is especially true when it comes to having their photograph taken, and you’re unlikely to get much success if you tell them where to stand and how to pose. Instead, let them take the lead. This is a piece of cake if you’re staying in one of Thailand’s private villas, as there’s plenty of places kiddies are going to want to hang out, from the hidden corners of the garden to the adjoining beach. If you want to set up a little holiday photo shoot, letting your kids choose where it should be could end up being a lot of fun. Get them Thinking Ice cream When it comes to holiday photography, it’s much more rewarding to capture your kids’ different expressions rather than aim to take photographs of posed smiles. Try getting your little ones to think about something that makes them happy – ice cream or sweet treats is often a good place to start. Ask them what clouds are made of, how many fish there are in the ocean or what animals they want to see while on holiday and you’re sure to get a wonderful range of faces – perfect for your holiday album. Home Sweet Photo Feeling at home Kids always respond better to photos when they’re feeling relaxed and at home – which is excellent news if you’re staying in one of Thailand’s private villas. Kids can have the run of the place to explore, and it’s a good idea to let them get to grips with their surroundings before you start trying to take pictures. When they’re relaxed, comfortable and happy, you’ll get better photos, because your subjects will be totally at ease. Camera Craft Sandcastles If your children simply hate having their photographs taken, then it’s time to get sneaky with the camera. Luckily in Thailand’s private holiday properties, there is plenty to keep little ones entertained so parents can easily sneak up and take a few candid shots for the holiday album. Whether your children are building sand castles on the beach or exploring the landscaped gardens, wonderful shots are pretty much guaranteed when they are not posing for the camera. Shot Variety Activity shots To keep photos interesting it’s always a god idea to switch out a few full-body and face shots by capturing your kids from a different angle altogether. If you focus in on their hands as they are building sandcastles on the beach, or their feet as they’re paddling in the surf, you’ll probably end up with a meaningful shot to treasure for years to come. Even full-body shots where your subject isn’t looking at the camera can work well to infuse a little bit of variety. You’ll be able to channel plenty of personality into the photo simply through your subject’s body language.