Breakfast in Thailand

Submitted by admin on 2015/07/28 10:54:22 AM
The home of red, yellow and green curries is well known for its spicy, tangy flavoursome cuisine, but what’s on the menu for breakfast? If you want to start your day with a taste of Thailand, the choices are as eclectic as the ingredients used in thai cooking. Whether you’re in the mood for some healthy fuel to see you through a day on the beach or a decadent treat to whet your appetite for lunch and dinner, Thailand offers just the dish to start your day. Most local people tend to eat similar flavours for breakfast as they do for other meals, but there's also a wide selection of special breakfast dishes you can add to your ‘must eat’ list while on holiday in the Kingdom. Villa guests with a private chef can even plan their 'ahaan chow' (Thai language for breakfast) in advance to make sure they try a varied mix of flavours and ingredients. Below are a few delicious morning treats Healthy Start Smoothie If you’re planning to grab a quick, healthy breakfast at your private holiday villa before heading off to explore the island; a simple coconut and mango smoothie is an excellent choice. Fresh coconut water blended with mango and a dash of coconut cream will give your smoothie a creamier texture, making it much more of a sweet treat as well. To add a little more substance, try throwing a banana into the mix. Morning Fuel Jok Everyone knows that if you need a slow-burning breakfast to keep you full until late lunch, porridge is the way to go. In Thailand, the traditional equivalent to porridge is known as “jok”, and can be found at most local food markets. Similar to congee, a thick Chinese porridge made of rice, jok is made of rice that is boiled until it dissolves to the consistency of oatmeal. A fried egg, minced pork, ginger, coriander and sometimes even noodles are added for extra flavour and texture. If you indulged in a few to many drinks the night before, jok is also said to be an excellent hangover cure. Fruit Favourites Granola The colourful array of fresh local produce on offer is hard to resist whilst on vacation in Thailand, particularly the sweeter tropcial fruits like dragon fruit, papaya and pineapple. If you fancy a fruity feast that fills you up, ask your chef to prepare a selection of these succulent natural gifts. You can even add the sliced fruit to some granola, yoghurt and honey for a nutritious and delicious start to the day. Egg Variations Omlette Fresh eggs are as popular in Thailand as they are in the West. However, rather than chowing down on fried eggs and bacon, Thai people often enjoy a deep fried omelette that looks a little like a crispy pancake, and is often served over rice. Extra indulgent versions also come with minced pork and onions, and you might see the locals add a generous helping of chilli sauce to start the day with a punch. Chinese Influences Image.aspx Thailand has a large Chinese community and the Kingdom’s cooks have adapted quiet a few Chinese recipes over the years. At breakfast time that only means one thing... dim sum. From steamed, filled buns to succulent pork dumplings, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on what your taste buds crave when you wake up. Foodies in search of a light but tasty breakfast will not be disappointed by the crunchy doughnuts known in Thai as 'Pa Tong Go', widely thought to have been adapted from Chinese 'Yo Tiaw'. The light, fluffy treats are slightly salty and often served with a thick sweet custard dip as breakfast snacks.