Check in, Zone Out

Submitted by admin on 2016/05/18 10:29:57 AM
Thailand’s stunning islands offer visitors a whole range of relaxation options, and renting a private villa is the ultimate escape for workaholics that deserve to get away from it all and enjoy a little self indulgence. For most people. A holiday is the only opportunity they get to really zone out and reconnect with themselves outside of the busy schedule that is everyday life. Thanks to its stunning beaches and rich, tropical surroundings Thailand’s islands are among the top destinations for visitors from around the world looking to take some quality time out. There are plenty more ways to relax and unwind in Thailand than just lying on the beach or by a pool, however, and some of them can also help you revitalize and face the world with renewed energy and motivation when you return home. Below are a few excellent ways to release stress on a vacation in Thailand. Sleep Deep Beautiful woman lying and sleep on the snowy bed If you’re staying in one of Thailand’s luxurious private rental villas, you’re in the perfect place to catch up on some much needed dreamtime during REM sleep. With dedicated staff – including a professional chef – at your service, you can adjust your schedule to enjoy a little extra shut-eye. Instead of getting up early to make breakfast, for example, it can be served to you in bed for a truly relaxing start to the day. A Breath of Fresh Air Waterfalls Many of us spend far too much time squirrelled away indoors in front of a computer screen. A holiday is the ideal opportunity for you to get outside and reconnect with the ecosystem that you’re part of, whether that means heading down to the beach to watch the sunset or exploring the underwater world on a snorkeling or diving excursion. Islands like Koh Samui and Phuket are also home to lush emerald forests, and a hike to a local waterfall provides the ideal opportunity to reconnect with nature. Live in the Moment Meditation Thanks in part to the rise in meditation apps, the path to mindfulness is growing in popularity as a route towards relaxation. Meditation doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual experience, but more of a chance to breathe and appreciate the present moment. As a Buddhist culture, of course, Thailand appeals to many people as the perfect setting to pick up the basics of meditation. Indeed, meditating at the local temple may offer offer an ideal afternoon of peace. However, if you’re new to the discipline, however, it may be better to enjoy a quiet afternoon of introspection in your villa’s tropical garden. Stretch Away Stress [caption id="attachment_6722" align="alignnone" width="590"]Beach Yoga Beach Yoga[/caption] For many people, physical exercise is an essential requirement for a truly relaxed state of mind, which is why Yoga is considered to be a moving form of meditation. There are plenty of opportunities to try it out in Thailand. Places like Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui are filled with chic yoga studios and yoga centres where it’s possible to join the class of your choosing or even pick up the basics. Most private rental villas also come with their own private gym spaces, which can double as yoga studios and it is even possible to arrange for a fully-trained yoga teacher to come right to your private studio for a one-to-one class. Relax & Reboot Thai massage Aside from lazing on the beach, having a Thai massage is probably one of the most popular ways to relax and unwind in Thailand. Thai massage is based on principles of traditional medicine that date back hundreds of years and the traditional version is a vigorous experience that involves the masseuse pulling your body into various yogic-like poses to stretch the muscles and release tension. Or a less strenuous experience, a herbal compress massage brings all the benefits of aromatherapy and offers a slightly more passive way to ease into relaxation mode.