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The Headlands Villa 5 - Romantic Outdoor Bathtub, Koh Samui If you spend most of your time on holiday in a state of undress, switching between the pool, the sea and your sun bed, then you may feel a quick rinse off in the shower before dinner is all that's needed to wash away the sand and suncream. Think again. If you're staying in one of the many private villas now available in Phuket, Koh Samui and Bali then a huge part of the pleasure is making the most of the fabulous bathrooms often attached to your sea view suite. A shower takes on new meaning when the water pours like a waterfall from a steel slide suspended above your head or rains down on you in fine spray from a built in panel in the ceiling. Better still, some of the best villas have a choice of in and outdoor options for an extended rinse, the alfresco version often in a walled courtyard planted with tropical flowers or cleverly positioned to allow ocean views whine you drift happily into a watery reverie. If that's not enough to send you for a soak, how about immersing yourself in bubble filled tub for a while to ease away the strain of a long day at the beach? Plenty of private villas boast generous tubs to melt into, especially in their master suites, and they came in all shapes and sizes: free standing, sunken, with a sea view and even out on the balcony. What's more some tubs are easily large enough to share with your sweetheart, so first or second honeymooners can work up a lather together day or night.

Dramatic deluge

Here is a  choice of fabulous private villas with equally fab bathrooms, for the ultimate squeaky clean getaway. Baan Hin Ta 1. Baan Hinta, Koh Samui — dramatic en-suite bathrooms built into the natural rock formations.   Villa Liberty - Phuket Villa 2. Villa Liberty, Phuket — not just a bath with a view, you're actually in the view.   Sava Amarelo - Natai Beach Phuket, PhangNa 3. Sava Amarelo, Natai Beach — fling open the doors and bath in the beachside garden.   Jia at JIvana Villas, Phuket — a serene combination of bathroom indulgences 4. JIa at JIvana Villas, Phuket — a serene combination of bathroom indulgences   Ban Kinaree, Koh Samui — indoors and out for the ultimate rain shower cleansing 5. Ban Kinaree, Koh Samui — indoors and out for the ultimate rain shower cleansing   Also worth remembering also is that Asia is famous for its natural spa and bath products. This means you can infuse a cocktail of soothing aromas and ingredients into the bathing experience. Bathroom indulgences are made all the more enticing when you have choices like lemongrass shower cream, jasmine bath oil or mint and rosemary shampoo to season the moment. Bathroom such as those in the Luxury Villas and Homes portfolio come ready stocked with fabulous, locally produced bathroom amenities and guests who want to experiment further can also drop into one of the many shops in their chosen destination to stock up on an eclectic blend of scents and sensations.     by LVH Marketing