Cocktail Kingdom

Submitted by admin on 2015/06/15 10:58:45 AM
Home to clubs and bars aplenty, Thailand’s beaches provide the perfect setting to sample a selection of quirky new cocktails whilst you are on holiday. Even better, you can ask the staff at your private rental villa to mix things up with a few Thai flavoured concoctions – or even try making them yourself. Just as mornings go hand-in-hand with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, sunset – particularly in the Land of Smiles – is the perfect time to enjoy a sensational cocktail. Whether you enjoy fruity, creamy or even spicy varieties, the wide ranging set of ingredients used in Thailand’s world famous cuisine present an ideal opportunity to sample a few new cocktail creations. Below are a few novel sundowner recipe ideas you can sip by the pool at your private villa. Mojito with a Twist Lemongrass, lime and Thai Basil mojito If you are planning a spicy feast at your villa one evening, why not complement the fiery Thai curries with a refreshing Thai twist on the traditional mojito? Not only is the lemongrass, lime and Thai basil mojito delicious; it’s also simple to make. First, make lemongrass syrup by crushing lemongrass in a pestle and mortar and placing it into a pot with water and sugar. Bring to the boil and let it simmer for two minutes. Turn off the heat and leave the flavours to infuse overnight. Before your dinner party, strain the syrup to eliminate the lemongrass stalks and chill. To serve, add 2 parts syrup to 2 parts rum, with a lime slice and crushed Thai basil to garnish. Thai Bloody Mary Bloody Mary If you’re a fan of cocktails to give you a daytime buzz, then you will love this Thai twist on the classic Bloody Mary. Originally crafted by mixologists at Bangkok’s St Regis Hotel, this tasty tomatoey wonder comprises the usual base of tomato juice, which is then mixed with chillies, wasabi, basil, coriander and lemongrass (as well as vodka, of course) to give the drink a distinctly Thai edge. Whether you’re whipping it up at your private villa or teaching the bartender how to make it, this fiery cocktail is sure to add spice to the day. Tom Yum Temptation Tom Yum siam As far as Thai cocktails so, the Tom Yum Siam really is a marvel not to be missed. Originally put together by expert mixologists at Bangkok’s Four Seasons Hotel, this cocktail takes all the zesty flavours of your favourite Thai soup and transforms them into a delicious beverage. Vodka, lemongrass, lychee syrup and ground chilli are the key ingredients, and you can have great fun experimenting until you or your villa chef gets the sweet/spicy balance just right. Fruit-fuelled Frenzy Dragons Milk If you’re in the mood for fruity flavours, then why not abandon the more traditional pineapple and mango based cocktails in favour of something a little more unusual like a dragon fruit cocktail? This versatile fruit can be used in many different creations, but one of the favourites is Dragon’s Milk. This luscious mix of green tea, vodka, pandan leaf syrup, coconut milk and blended dragon fruit will leave you slurping for more. You can even count this mouth watering cocktail as one of your five a day! Alcoholic Sweet Treat Mango and sticky rice If you suffer (or benefit) form a sweet tooth, you can kill two tastes with one creation by making or ordering a mango and sticky rice cocktail, which doubles up as a scrumptious dessert. Rice vodka, rum, fresh mangoes, lemon juice and vanilla syrup are all that’s needed to create a martini-sized version of the drink. To make the joy last a little longer and taste a little creamier, simply add coconut milk for a tropical sunset tipple to savour.