Connect with the Luxury of Nature

Submitted by admin on 2017/06/05 12:25:24 AM

A private villa in Thailand is the perfect place to relax and take to embrace the spectacular beauty of nature without sacrificing on comfort or personal indulgences.

When you think of a luxury private villa in Thailand, the first images that spring to mind might be plush living spaces or a glistening infinity pool.

Thailand’s broad selection of lavish holiday properties also offer plenty of opportunities for those who want so seize the opportunity to enjoy the country’s natural treasures.

From the gentle sound of birds at daybreak to the fragrant aroma of the frangipani blossom growing in the villa’s garden, there’s plenty of natural wonder to take in.

If you’re planning to spend some time relaxing in and around your private villa, below are few ideas on how you can embrace Mother Nature.

Enjoy the Ocean

Most of the Thailand’s holiday villas have sea views allowing you to regularly gaze out at the stunning ever-changing vista as the sun arcs across the sky. At beachside properties you can even experience the ocean as you lie in bed, listening to the waves on the shore and enjoying the salty aroma on the air. But nothing beats a walk on the beach at sunset, when you can simply kick off your shoes and take a stroll through the surf with your loved ones.

Colourful Creatures

Thailand is home to an array of colourful birds – from the adorable Asian Palm Swift to soaring Brahminy Kites. Early in the morning or just before dusk are the best times of day to settle into a comfortable spot in your villa’s garden to start twitching. Asian Palm Swifts in particular tend to head out at dusk as they hunt for mosquitos, so keep your eyes peeled for their beautiful blue plumage. When it comes to colour, Common Tailor birds are anything but dull, exhibiting a gorgeous ensemble of violet, yellow and rouge feathers. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a Hoopoe – look out for its impressive natural feather Mohawk.

Breathe in the Beauty

If you’re keen to embrace nature in your private villa’s garden, sometimes the best way to make the most of it is to simply take a quiet moment and breathe it all in. What activity promotes breathing more than yoga? Your villa’s fitness suite is likely to be well equipped with yoga mats, so pick one up and roll it out on the lush green lawn or polished pool deck. There’s something special about doing yoga outside, as you can feel the sea breeze kiss your face and enjoy the warmth of the sun’s rays beaming down on your face. It’s worth heading outside early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature isn’t too high.

Floral Fantasy

From tiny frangipani to tall, elegant orchids, Thailand is home to a stunning array of blooms – and you’re sure to discover many of them right on your doorstep, within the lush, landscaped gardens of your private villa. Thailand’s flowers come in myriad hues, from deep scarlet and rusty orange to soft peach and pink. It’s well worth heading outside with your camera to capture the best of the colour. However, the flowers in your villa’s garden don’t just offer a visual treat – they also provide a dreamy perfume for you to enjoy as well. Why not ask your villa manager to arrange a small bouquet, so you can transport the gorgeous natural aroma inside once night falls?

Sunset Contemplation

We couldn’t write about embracing the best of natural Thailand without mentioning its sunsets. The peachy pink hues spread across the sky at this time of day are without doubt one of the Kingdom’s greatest treats – and something that it’s worth taking the time to stop and behold. One of the best places to enjoy the view will be from the first-floor balcony of your private villa – especially if it’s overlooking the ocean. This is the perfect position to grab a chilled drink and enjoy a peaceful moment with nature – you could even try out a little meditation, if the mood strikes you.