Cool For Kids

Submitted by admin on 2017/06/15 12:09:05 AM

If you’re heading on villa holiday to Thailand with your family, there are several must-have travel accessories for children now available that will make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Gone are the days when you could just throw a few familiar toys into mum and dad’s hand luggage to entertain little ones on a long journey. The range of dedicated travel accessories on offer for young travellers certainly warrants an extra bag, if not one per child.

Kids even now have an array of stylish luggage options to choose from to make planning and taking long journeys all the more fun and kid’s accessories include everything from cute neck support pillows to junior designer sunglasses.

The variety of designs and innovative ideas available for younger travellers is vast and it’s certainly worth exploring some of the great ideas on offer for families planning a perfect holiday.

Below is a selection of the coolest travel accessories your kids are sure to want to pack for the vacation.

Sleep Easy

Just like adults, children often have trouble sleeping on long-haul flights. If you can’t persuade your son or daughter to use the small pillow provided by the airline to try and get comfortable, then the adorable Critter Piller might be a solution. Like any adult neck support pillow, it wraps around the back of the neck beneath the head to facilitate a comfortable sleeping position. Better yet, this pillow comes in the shape of an array of adorable animals, so your kids can take their pick based on what their favourite creatures are. Another added bonus is that the fabric is super soft.

Listen Up

Whether your children are listening to music on their phones or watching a movie on the iPad, it’s well worth investing in a pair of specially designed children’s headphones. The stylish beats from Puro are designed specifically for kids’ heads, so they won’t slip off because they’re too big. It’s also worth noting that adults’ headphones are often much louder than kids’ versions, so investing in a pair of special headphones is actually better for their long term hearing as well. Most headphones are wireless, connecting to the main device via Bluetooth. This means your little ones can have their own silent disco when they reach your private villa in Thailand, and you don't have to worry about them tripping on any wires.

Little Luggage

Every stylish kid heading on holiday is going to want their own bit of luggage to be responsible for – and what better piece to pick than the Trunki? As featured on Dragon’s Den in the UK back in 2006, this is a brand that’s gone from strength to strength over the last decade. Why? Because each case is supremely practical – little ones can wheel (or ride!) their things through the airport without a care in the world. There are also plenty of Trunkis to choose from – many of them animal themed – so your children can pick a design that really appeals to them. 

Young Photographer

When kids see mum and dad taking photos of everything on holiday, they’re going to want to imitate and pick up a few photography skills themselves. Why not facilitate their budding talent by treating them to their very own child-friendly digital camera? There’s a whole range out there that is designed specifically for kids – they’re compact, hardwearing and some even feature waterproof casing. The Vtech KidiZoom Action Cam is one cost-effective solution that will allow your little ones to take photos, capture movies and even play games. It also features 128MB of memory, so there’s plenty of space for kids to store all of their holiday memories.

Stylish Shades

Last but by no means least; every stylish kid should have his or her own pair of sunglasses. On one level, this is so they can look just as cool as mum and dad when they head down to the beach for a game of volleyball. However, it’s also seriously important to protect your little ones’ eyes from exposure to the UV rays. The somewhat irresistible Junior Ray Bans offer 100 percent UV protection, and look pretty cool too.