Cool in the Pool

Submitted by admin on 2015/03/30 11:11:16 AM
With Thailand’s hottest season taking hold, guests at a private villa should consider packing a few fun pool toys to keep everyone cool and entertained during a tropical island holiday. Temperatures soar into the high 30s in many parts of Thailand at this time of year, so it can be quite a challenge for parents to keep the kids cool, let alone stay cool themselves. Luckily, if you are renting a private villa in the Land of Smiles then you will most likely have a private swimming pool, which means plenty of opportunity to enjoy a wide range of pool toys. Below are five top pool accessories that can be easily packed in a suitcase in preparation for some “splashtastic:” fun in the water. Let it Go Dive wand It’s the kids’ movie that everyone has been talking about for the last year or so, and now you can take ‘Frozen’ to the tropics on a Thai vacation by packing a glittery ‘Frozen’ themed dive stick for your kids to practice their swimming with. This toy is also perfect for younger kids that love dressing up and playing, either inside or outside by the pool. Then if the older children enjoy a little bit of underwater duelling, it's also a great game to help them practice their underwater swimming skills. My Little Fish Lil fishy fish This little Nemo lookalike is the perfect pool time pal for young travellers - a playful orange clown fish that can swim in speedy circuits, or dive as deep as a real fish in your villa pool to keep the little ones entertained. To change which way the fish is swimming, simply adjust the angle of the tail to control the direction it goes. If your children prefer a more ferocious looking fish, the Lil Fishys Assortment also includes a rather menacing miniature shark. On Target Poolmaster Inflatables are the ideal pool time treasures to take on holiday to entertain your kids, simply because they pack up nice and small in your suitcase but offer hours of fun. Poolmaster’s water basketball and ring toss game offers two games in one toy. Get the whole family together on a sweltering afternoon to play a relaxed game of ring toss, or have a lively brothers vs. sisters water basketball game. Dive a little Deeper Dive n catch Learning to dip their head under the water can be a daunting experience for kids who have yet to master the art of taking the plunge. Yu can make the process a fun game by bringing Poolmasters’ Jumbo Dive N’ Catch Fish on holiday to Thailand. Set these four little critters free in your villa’s private pool and see how quickly your kids can catch them all. If you are on holiday with more than one child, you can even set up competitions to see who can catch the most fish in the shortest time. Seated Swim pool seat While kids aged 5+ may enjoy splashing, bombing and diving into the pool to stay cool; smaller tots need some chill time in the water as well. Inflatable pool seats are the perfect answer for babies who aren’t yet big enough to have found their own sea (or pool!) legs yet. Toddler pool chairs come in a range of funky shapes and sizes, and some even incorporate their own hood to protect your baby from the sun. Pool seats are also a great choice for mums and dads that want to have some quality pool time with their little ones.