Elegant Excursions

Submitted by admin on 2013/08/22 10:33:27 AM
For fashionable travellers, the beach isn't the only place that requires a sense of style. Maintaining a level of travel chic before, during and after a long haul flight is part and parcel of the luxury lifestyle. These 5 sleek accessories will help you traverse the globe with panache. Most people would love to look and feel great after a long haul flight – arriving fresh and fabulous at their luxurious private holiday villa. Unfortunately, due to jet lag, processed plane food and re-cycled air-conditioning systems, this is rarely the case. Fortunately, a range of products and accessories are now available for the savvy travellers to help them look their best –whether its waiting in the business lounge pre-flight, on the plane, or once they touch down in their tropical destination. Timeless Elegance Globetrotter centenary luggage_resize Stylish luggage is a must have for travellers who journey across the world to desirable destinations like Phuket and Bali. The Centenary Collection offers Globe-rotter's classic brand style, with sleek lines that are unmissable on a drab luggage belt. Made in England and constructed authentically using Victorian-era machinery, these elegant suitcases have been carried by the likes of Winston Churchill and will never go out of style. A Cosy Flight Ralph Lauren travel set Enjoy an ultra-comfortable flight and cuddle with the Ralph Lauren cashmere cable travel set. This smart set includes a cosy throw blanket and an eye mask, all wrapped up in a matching zip bag that also functions as a pillow. The cable knit design is another style statement that will remain forever in vogue. For the ultimate personal touch, it is even possible to get the travel set monogrammed with your initials. Listen up Sennheiser headphones_resize For travellers who cannot stand squeezing those uncomfortable airline- supplied ear-buds into their ears to hear the in-flight soundtracks, it may be time to invest in a pair of Sennheiser MM450-X Travel headphones. This nifty set of headphones block out exterior sounds, and more importantly, operate via Bluetooth, so you don’t need to worry about getting the cord tangled while you are are finding your comfort zone. Look your Best Armani travel palette_resize This multi-functional beauty accessory is an essential item to include in the hand luggage for ladies who want to arrive at their destination looking fresh and fabulous. The Giorgio Armani palette packs in two silky eye-shadows that guarantee long lasting colour to brighten up the eyes after a long flight, as well as a light face powder to illuminate the skin – all essential for covering up those sleepy shadows. Sparkling smile OHSO toothbrush_resize After your passport and currency, a toothbrush is perhaps one of the most important items any traveller packs in their hand luggage, as not even comfort class passengers know if their flight will be delayed and by how long. The OHSO toothbrush takes the simple matter of dental hygiene to the next level. Designed to function as the ultimate travel toothbrush, this handy accessory saves cluttering your hand luggage by keeping toothpaste inside the handle of the brush, which uses suction technology to feed it directly to the toothbrush head whenever needed. by