Exclusive Family Movie Night

Submitted by admin on 2016/10/25 11:27:44 AM
Get the popcorn ready and enjoy a family movie night or two while you are staying at a private rental villa in Thailand. The options for cinematic fun go well beyond streaming cartoons on your laptop. After a long day of beach games or sightseeing with the family, sometimes the only thing you want to do is sit back, relax and settle in for a good movie night with your loved ones. Many of Thailand’s private villas come with their own dedicated mini movie theatres, which provide the perfect place to cuddle up with the kids and put on a fun film for the whole family to enjoy. Alternatively, if you are planning a special holiday date night for mum and dad, you can hire a professional baby sitter and let the kids enjoy a movie night on their own – simply load one of the top kid’s flicks up on your villa’s media system, and you’re all set. Below is our pick of releases from 2016. Ocean Odyssey finding-dory If you and your little ones are fans of Finding Nemo, it’s likely that you’ll have been awaiting the sequel, Finding Dory, with plenty of anticipation. American chat show host Ellen DeGeneres is the voice of everyone’s favourite forgetful fish, and she’s on a new quest to find her parents. Along the way, she gets into all sorts of tangles from which Marlin and Nemo, of course, have to rescue her. This Pixar classic is a sure hit with the family, and smashed plenty of box office records when it came out earlier this year. It’s also bound to get little ones in the mood for swimming in the beautiful Thai ocean the next day. Fighting Spirit kung-fu-panda If your kids enjoyed parts one and two of the Kung Fu Panda franchise, then the third instalment is sure to go down a treat on their movie night. Once again, Hollywood funny-man Jack Black takes on the role of Po – a panda who has been reunited with his father, and travels to a panda sanctuary where he struggles to fit in. When an evil ancient spirit awakens and starts creating chaos across China by stealing the power of all kung fu masters, Po is faced with the task of uniting the pandas in the sanctuary to become masters themselves to tackle this evil force. Animal Magic the-secret-life-of-pets Have you got pets at home? If the answer is yes – do you really believe that they lounge around the house all day, simply waiting for you to come home? According to this fantastic animated movie by Illumination Entertainment, the answer is most definitely no. This adorable film tells the thrilling story of what it is that your pets really get up to all day when you’re out, told from the perspective of Max – a super cute Jack Russell terrier. Watching the capers of Max and all his furry pals will guarantee an entertaining evening, packed with laughs. Welcome to the Jungle the-jungle-book If you’re not in the mood for purely animated movies, then Disney’s latest re-telling of the classic The Jungle Book could be a good shout for your family movie night. Adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s much-loved novel, The Jungle Book tells the story of Mowgli – a young boy who was abandoned by his parents and raised by wolves in the jungle. If you were a fan of Disney’s original animated version, then this is perfect chance to get to know all your favourite characters once again, from Bagheera the black panther to Baloo the adorable bear. A New Kid’s Classic petes-dragon This year, Disney decided to re-tell the heart-warming story of Pete’s Dragon. First released in 1977, this film was never the greatest hit – although it did win an Academy Award for Best Original Song. This year, the wonderful film managed to capture a whole new audience, telling the tale of a young boy named Pete and his unlikely friendship with Elliot – a dragon that lives in a lighthouse. Disney has gone back to its roots for this heart-warming tale, presenting a story that offers something for everyone.