Exclusive Movie Nights

Submitted by admin on 2013/12/26 11:19:38 AM
  Private villas provide the perfect place to relax and unwind with a good movie or two during your holiday, either after a long afternoon exploring the sights, or just because you can. Travellers that choose one of Southeast Asia’s private villas enjoy additional exclusive benefits they would not expect to find in most resorts. One such luxury is a state-of-the-art entertainment system, which are often installed in top vacation properties. Some villas include their own dedicated entertainment rooms, with wall-mounted flat screen digital TVs and surround sound – the perfect place to curl up on the sofa and lose yourself in great film. Other properties also feature pull down projector screens by the pool or in the garden so you can enjoy the latest blockbusters outside in the tropical evening warmth or even in the cool water of the pool with a cocktail. Here’s a rundown of some of the best films from 2013 to take with you and enjoy in cushioned comfort at your private villa in Thailand or Bali. Happy holiday viewing. Saving Mr Banks Photo: Tom Hanks (Credit: ibtimes.co.uk) Saving Mr Banks This family classic is inspired by a previously untold story and fascinating behind the well-loved Disney classic, “Mary Poppins”. Starring Hollywood heavy-weights Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, the film tells how Walt Disney himself (Hanks) set off on a journey to secure the movie rights to his daughters’ favourite book, which was written by P.L. Travers (Thompson). Determined that her pride and joy would not be destroyed by the glitz and glam of Hollywood, Travers puts up every possible obstacle to escape Disney’s grasp, until he discovers the haunting ghosts behind the story of one of the most loveable characters of all time. The movie is a certain hit for all the family. Man of Steel Photo: Man of steel (Credit: geekytyrant.com) Private Villas and Movies It’s a story we all know, yet rarely has it been told so well as in this year’s latest Superman movie. The iconic comic-book hero is played this time by British hunk Henry Caville, who has been praised for his realistic, gritty performance. The film tells of a young boy that discovers his own superpowers, then learns that he is not from Earth. The plot follows this young boy’s quest to find his place on Earth and what he was sent here to do. This fast-paced, action-packed movie is great for a night in with friends and a few drinks. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Photo: Katniss Everdene (Credit: moviefloss.com) Jennifer Lawrence   As explosive as its prequel, the second part of the Hunger Games trilogy will have you gripped from start to finish. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” picks up the story when Katniss Everdene returns home after her victory in the 74th Annual Hunger Gamez to embark on a victory tour with fellow tribute, Peeta. Below the surface, tension simmers in each of Panem’s provinces as the day gets ever closer to the next round of Hunger Games. World War Z Photo: World War Z (Credit: wordpress.com) Brad Pitt Thailand This exhilarating thriller joins the likes of “Walking Dead” and “28 Days Later” as one of the classics in the zombie horror genre. The story focuses on Gerry Lane, played by Brad Pitt, an ex-United Nations employee who is tasked with finding out the cause of the zombie pandemic before it extinguishes all human life across the planet. Lane’s journey takes him from the US to Asia, before he finally ends up in Wales, where he prepares to meet his zombie match. Exciting stuff to watch with your arm around your loved one. Anchorman 2 Photo: Ron Burgundy (Credit: northjersey.com) Ron Burgundy Thailand Possibly one of the most eagerly anticipated comedy films of the year, Anchorman 2 continues to track the staggering career of the world’s best-loved fictional anchorman – the legendary Ron Burgundy (Will Farell). Joined by old favourites including Burgundy’s co-anchor and wife, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate), weather man Brick Tamland (Steve Carell) and “super-cool” Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), this movie guarantees a laugh (or cringe) a minute as the whole news team takes the 1980s by storm. by