Fashion Brands in Thailand

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Fashion Brands in Thailand

A trip to Thailand has always appealed to those with a penchant for a little retail reconnaissance. In the past, this was mainly thanks to the country's global reputation for affordability, not only with regard to the famed copy goods purveyed in the main tourist areas, but also for authentic global fashion brands, many of which were produced in or close to Thailand and could therefore be bought for less than you would pay in Europe or the USA. Today, of course, Thailand is a global brand in itself, not to mention one of the wealthier countries in Southeast Asia, but fortunately this has only served to boost its retail sector, which remains as diverse and value driven as it ever was. The shiny malls in Bangkok stock virtually every known label on the planet, while the smaller boutiques and markets offer fashionistas a wealth of choice and creativity, with clothes and accessories to suit every pocket and style preference — from ethnic chic to sophisticated urban elegance. A relatively new phenomenon that will appeal to anyone with an eye for something unique is the rise to prominence of local Thai fashion brands. It's well worth seeking out some of the top Thai labels as you traverse the polished marble halls that make up Thailand's retail nirvana. A significant number of Thai designers are now gaining recognition and praise on the world's catwalks, so you can easily find a fab fashion statement in Thailand that will wow your friends on a night out back home. Here are some Thai brand names worth looking out for on a clothes shopping spree.


Greyhound Fashion One of the first home grown labels to make an impact internationally, Greyhound's simple but bold and ultra fashionable designs are now available in many countries around the world. The label tends to attract creative types such as people involved in advertising, music, entertainment or design and the brand's popular Greyhound Cafes attract a similar crowd.

Fly Now

FlyNow Fashion Translating the catwalk to the high street has made Fly Now a leading name in Thailand's fashion scene. The label's trademark feminine couture now features regularly in international fashion shows and the leather hand bag collections are bestsellers with working professionals in Bangkok and beyond.


Issue Fashion Dedicated to individual style and personal expression, former Greyhound shop assistant Roj Singhakul has built his own fashion brand Issue into one of Thailand's most famous labels. Roj was invited to be a guest in the popular TV show America's Next Top Model and Issue clothes have been featured magazines like Teen Vogue and L'Officiel Paris.


Senada Fashion Senada incorporates a diverse range of ethic influences, drawing on everything form Indian embroidery to Chinese silk and Thai patterns to create contemporary urban style. Holding onto a sense of vintage charm, the designers manage to adapt traditional concepts into something hip and new.

Phuket Mermaids

The only Thai swimwear brand to feature regularly in Bangkok Fashion week, Phuket Mermaid's intricate embroideries and vibrant prints make it one of the most distinctive beach fashion brands on the market. Custom features and hand made accessories add further flare, while premium fabrics ensure the perfect fit for a variety of body forms.     by