Five Holiday Beauty Fixes

Submitted by admin on 2015/08/13 10:54:49 AM
Ladies heading to Thailand on holiday for some sun, sea and sand, may want to pack a few beauty essentials to keep their skin and nails in tip top condition. There are plenty of products available to help. When you’re on holiday in the Land of Smiles it’s time to forget the hair straighteners and foundation and let your natural beauty shine. But of course, every beach babe also has a few beauty tricks (and magical products) up her sleeve, from a luxurious moisturizing hair mask to a fragrant body scrub. If you don’t have the space to pack all of your beauty essentials in your case, don't worry too much as Thailand is home to a plethora of high-end beauty boutiques and spas where you will be able to pick up all the products you need. Better yet, with the abundance of natural produce around, you could even start making your own beauty treatments while on holiday. For those who prefer to stock up in advance, below are a few favourite items worth packing. Soft and Silky Body scrub For a fantastic tan, the first thing that you need is skin that is silky smooth and ready to soak up the rays. A good exfoliator will remove dull and dead skin cells on the epidermis, leaving your skin ready to absorb the sunlight. Erb, a lavish brand of beauty products made in Thailand, has an extensive range of skincare products including a nourishing body scrub enriched with turmeric, ylang ylang and lemongrass. Not only will this leave your skin smelling fresh and fabulous, but it will give you the soft skin you need before lathering in the sun lotion. Skin that Shimmers Body oil After a couple of days in the warm Phuket or Koh Samui sun, your skin will already have acquired a fantastic golden glow. However, you can give it a little extra shimmer with an opulent body oil such as the one by Tom Ford. As well as giving your skin a sweet aroma, the oil will add an eye-catching glow and therefore boost your confidence on the beach. Apply to your legs, arms and décolletage for the full gleaming effect. Clean and Clear Clean It Silky Sun, sand and warm temperatures can wreak havoc, which is why it’s so important to cleanse morning and night to keep you skin clear whilst on vacation. Products such as Givenchy’s Clean It Silky combine a powerful blend of oils that makes all traces of make-up dissolve away, leaving your skin radiant and clean. Alternatively, if your beauty regime calls for organic products, why not try using a little coconut oil to remove your makeup? It will gently remove traces of makeup whilst replenishing your skin with moisture. Pop of Colour Rouge Ecstasy When the temperature is soaring, there is little chance that you will want to layer on primer, foundation and blush. However, you can still give your holiday make-up ensemble the kick it needs by adding a special splash of colour to emphasize your best features. If you want to pick up a lipstick that nourishes lips sore from the sun at the same time as making you look fabulous, Giorgio Armarni’s Rouge Ecstasy range might be for you. Available in no less than 36 vivid hues, there is a shade to suit every skin tone and match every holiday outfit you have packed in your case. Sunwashed and Stunning Dior sunwashed To achieve the polished, preened look that every lady wants to pull off whilst she’s on holiday, attention to detail is vital. This means making sure that your fingers and toes are polished to perfection. If you pampered yourself with a manicure and pedicure before heading down to the Thai islands, you might want to pick up a matching nail polish too. This season, Dior’s “Sunwashed” shade of yellow is a big hit in the sunshine. Enriched with organic silicon, the brightly coloured nail polish will stand out and also resists chips and scratches while you are enjoying a day on the beach or by the pool.