Five New Game Releases for the Holidays

Submitted by admin on 2016/11/29 11:15:14 AM
Whether you need to entertain yourself on a long-haul flight or enjoy some light distraction by the pool of your private villa, it’s always handy to have a good selection of games at your fingertips. If you’re used to a hectic day-to-day schedule, then a relaxing holiday is the perfect time to catch up on some much-needed game time on your phone or tablet. For some people, mobile games offer a chance to immerse themselves in another world and disconnect from the stresses daily life: after work, at weekends and also while on vacation. Whether you prefer gaming on your phone, tablet or hand-held console there’s always a wealth of new, creative options to choose from. Below are five top new game releases to keep you entertained during the winter break. Catch Them All pokemon-sun-and-moon If you were a fan of Pokemon Go over the last several months, then you’ll be delighted to learn that the magic continues with the latest instalment of the games franchise – Pokemon Sun/Moon. Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, each game follows the journey of a trainer as they coach Pokemon creatures to fight one another. In this instalment, the aim of the quest is not only to challenge other Pokemon trainers, but also to overcome the infamous Team Skull. A whole host of intriguing characters have been introduced, so this is the perfect game to keep you busy. Magic Touch sorcery-4 If you’re gaming on your Android phone or tablet, you now have the chance to re-open the box of delights from another classic game – the Sorcery series. This is your chance to delve into an enchanted world teeming with magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. If you’re not familiar with the Sorcery story, then the great thing about this game is that you get the chance to create your own adventure, casting spells and exploring magical lands. The sense of autonomy you get from this game is liberating, and you’ll be hooked in no time. Old Friends mario-party If you’re searching for a game to pick up and put down again between dips in the villa pool, then the latest Mario Party, Star Rush, is the perfect game choice for you. Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, this board-style game gives you the chance to play against up to three other players, with the aim being to collect as many stars and coins as possible. Every time you roll the dice, you have the chance to party with all of your favourite Mario characters. This game differs from others in the Mario Party franchise as you can play simultaneously with other players as you charge your own unique path across the board. New Take, Old favourite candy-crush-jelly If you’re killing time waiting for friends or family to get ready before heading down to the local beach club for a sunset cocktail, then a quick round of Candy Crush is always an ideal time filler. This year’s Candy Crush release, Jelly Reboot, pits you against a computer enemy as you both compete to fill the board with jelly. As addictive as its predecessor, which had people all around the world exploding bits of fruit, Candy Crush Jelly is the perfect mind-numbing treat to play when you’ve got five minutes to spare. Sprint Finish sonic-boom-fire-and-ice Our favorite spiky blue hedgehog has returned to the Nintendo 3DS in Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice to battle the notorious Dr Eggman once more, in addition to a new villain D-Fekt. In this game you team up with Sonic and his pals – Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks – to explore a whole host of new locations within the Fire and Ice universe. In this installment of the game, you can choose between to speed ahead or delve into some deeper puzzle-play in these all-new environments. You also have the chance to try out the new Bot-Racing feature, which let you race friends on different courses.