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As well as providing a vivid palette of colours to decorate Thailand’s stunning tropical scenery, the nation’s flamboyant flora also provides an unforgettable aroma for visitors to feast their senses on. At most private villas guests can enjoy the Thai floral experience to the full.

Tropical destinations like Thailand are known for their exotic blooms, and you’re likely to encounter a spectacular plethora of flowers wherever you travel in the Land of Smiles.

As well as providing a gorgeous colourful embellishment to the views and surroundings, many Thai flowers release such sweet aromas that the smallest whiff of the same scent once you return home will immediately transport you back to your wonderful holiday.

When combined with the fresh sea air in places like Phuket and Koh Samui, these irresistible natural fragrances become part of an unforgettable tropical experience made all the more special when part of an exclusive stay at a private island villa.

Below are a few tropical flowers to look out for and breathe in.

Mellow Yellow


Thanks to its elegant sunshine-coloured cascades, Ratchaphruek is a flower that rarely goes unnoticed. This gorgeous Thai bloom holds the privileged position as the nation’s national flower, and is one of the country’s most widely known floral varieties. The shining yellow hue of the flowers is commonly associated with Thai Buddhism, as well as the royal family. The annual Royal Flora Ratchaphruek horticultural exhibition in Chiang Mai is named after the flower, and is a popular opportunity for visitors to admire the countless array of species that thrive in Thailand.

Tropical Elegance

Known for their graceful appearance, orchids are a flower that many people associate with tropical destinations in Southeast Asia. These stunning blooms come in a wealth of hues, the most common of which – the vanilla orchid – was consumed by the Aztecs as part of a chocolatey concoction in order to give them strength. Whether you’re outside enjoying the lush gardens of your private villa, or sitting at the dining table enjoying views with your morning coffee, you’re never likely to be far away from one of these magnificent flowers.

Memorable Fragrance

No matter where you are in the world, the unmistakable scent of a frangipani will transport you straight back to your Thai holiday villa’s gorgeous gardens, where you once lazed in a hammock. The yellow and white form of the flower is the most famous, and cut versions are wonderful to add to the bath if you’re having a pamper session in your private villa’s private tub. Once upon a time, frangipani trees were considered to be bad luck in Thai homes because their name, “lantom”, sounded like “ratom”, the Thai word for sorrow. Today, however, frangipanis are associated with much more joyful occasions, and are often worn on festival days.

Sweet Treat

Associated with love and romance, jasmine is offers one of the sweetest, freshest fragrances you’ll capture as you take an evening stroll around your villa’s private gardens. It’s striking white petals mean the flower looks beautiful too, and its scent is prized for its relaxing qualities. In some cultures, the flower represents good luck and purity. You’ll often find jasmine planted close to bedroom windows so its soothing scent drifts inside, helping you sleep.

Colour Therapy

No tropical garden would be complete without the bright injection of colour that hibiscus flowers bring. There are literally hundreds of different species of this flower, and Thailand is home to plenty of them. Thanks to their delicate yet exotic beauty, women in tropical countries often wear hibiscus flowers as adornments; thanks to the gorgeous array of bright colours they display, hibiscus also attract plenty of butterflies, so they are a great bloom if you’re trying to capture some nature photographs in your villa’s garden.