Food for Love

Submitted by admin on 2015/01/15 02:57:34 PM
If you are planning something special for Valentine's Day, a romantic break in aprivate rental villa offers the ultimate escape for couples in search of an intimate holiday. Those that choose to stay on an island in Thailand can spice up the romance even more with a menu of tasty aphrodisiac dishes specially prepared by the private chef. The tropical surroundings of Thailand are as romantic as they come with views of the shimmering ocean, coral-hued sunsets and the caress of the soft, sea breeze. The fabulous facilities at a private renal villa mean couples also enjoy additional indulgences like private jacuzzis, breakfast in bed and a beachside massage session for two. To make mealtimes extra special, why not enjoy a few candlelit meals in the moonlight with one or all of the five aphrodisiac foods included to warm up the tropical heat even more. Fruits of the Sea Oysters High in zinc, oysters are perhaps the most notorious aphrodisiac you can get, and have a global reputation for inspiring love and boosting fertility. According to research, these tiny fruits of the sea contain amino acids that trigger the production of sex hormones in the body. This is great news if you are on holiday on a Thai island like Phuket or Koh Samui, where fresh seafood is in plentiful supply. Begin an evening feast with some oysters, and who knows where the night will take you? Hot Stuff Chili peppers When it comes to aphrodisiacs, nothing is quite as hot as a chilli pepper. Even the sensual red colour of this exotic spice alludes to passion and romance. Research shows that when we eat these feisty scarlet spices, the body releases endorphins that make us feel good. They also increase the heart rate, mimicking the symptoms you might feel during a romantic moment with your loved one. Thai cuisine is celebrated across the world for its fiery spices, so you can take your pick of dishes to whip up a frenzy. Sweets for my Sweet Choco Whether are a self-confessed chocaholic or not, there is no doubt that it si one fo the foods most associated with romance and love. Scientific research shows that chocolate causes a spike in dopamine, which leads to feelings of pleasure in the body. So if you want to get your partner in the mood for a romance, simply spoil him or her with an indulgent selection of chocolates and see what follows dessert. Sugar for my Honey Banana fritters If you prefer a more natural romantic dessert, then why not opt for a feel-good banana fritter? A favourite in Thailand, not only do they taste great, but bananas also help get the romance moving. These phallic-shaped fruits contain bromelain, an enzyme which is said to trigger testosterone. High high levels of potassium and vitamin B also pack a powerful punch of energy. Pink Pleasures Watermelon shake After oysters and a spicy Thai curry, no one would blame you for being too full to stomach a heavy dessert, so a fresh watermelon shake might be just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of a romantic meal. Watermelons are also thought to have a stimulating effect on the body because they relax blood vessels and boost circulation. With a plentiful supply of these tropical fruits available in Thailand, you can indulge in their sensual benefits to your heart's content.