Fusion Thai Feast

Submitted by admin on 2015/12/03 10:31:24 AM
Chefs across Thailand are whipping up pioneering new fusion menus which take the best flavours from around the world and put them together on a single plate. All it takes is a short stroll around Bangkok, Phuket Town or Chaweng on Koh Samui to see that Thailand is home to a plethora of tantalising international cuisine choices. From Malaysian to Mexican and Italian to Indian, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options in the Kingdom. But when you aren’t sure what flavours your palate is craving, a mouth-watering fusion feast will hit the spot. Fusion cuisine combines a multitude of elements from different culinary traditions, bringing a wealth of flavours and textures together all in one dish. Thai chefs are leading the way when it comes to intermingling Thai flavours with other international tastes. Below are a few reasons why every visitor should sample a little fusion food whilst in the Land of Smiles. Road to Spice Spicy spaghetti You’ve just touched down in the land of smiles after a 10-hour flight – no one would blame you if you found yourself hankering a plate of comfort food from home rather than a spicy Thai curry. However, for visitors that want to work up to the full flavour of traditional Thai cuisine, fusion dishes can be a good way to start as they offer some familiar tastes and textures, but with an additional flair of unique Thai-ness. The same goes for people who aren’t used to spicy food but are longing to enjoy a chilli-filled Thai feast. A menu that fuses the flavours of East and West can be a good starting point. Taste Meets Produce Lobster Whether you’re in the mood for sumptuous squid or tender lobster, Thailand is famed for its fantastic seafood. In fact, the Kingdom boasts some of the best fresh produce in the world, from fruits of the sea to fruit and veggies grown on land. Combine the exquisite freshness of these home grown Thai flavours with any international cuisine, and you’re onto a winner. Let’s take lobster as an example – the US state of Maine may be famous for it, but a freshly caught lobster barbecued on a Koh Samui beach with a sprinkling of chilli and a squeeze of lime is unbeatable. A Healthier Option Seasoning Over the last decade, health advisors across the world have warned us about the risks associated with diets high in salt. Many processed foods and ready meals high in salt content, many people are seeking out alternative means of enhancing the flavour of our sustenance. Lemon, lime and chilli are three of the chief seasonings in a whole realm of traditional Thai dishes, not to mention coriander, galangal and spring onion. To shake up your home cooking, ditch the salt and pepper for a tangy squeeze of lemon and a sprinkling of chilli. In terms of health you may never look back. Something for Everyone KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA With an abundance of international cuisines on offer throughout Thailand, you could be forgiven for falling out with your travel companions about which restaurant to eat in each evening of your vacation. However, savvy foodies know that fusion restaurants with an extensive menu of mouth-watering treats from across the world will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. From spicy pizzas with fresh seafood toppings to Thai noodle dishes served with Malaysian peanut sauce, there is something for everyone to savour. Best of Both Worlds Prawns If you still aren’t sold on the fabulous flavours of fusion cuisine, then perhaps our final thought will convince you. One of the main reasons that the number of fusion restaurants across Samui and Phuket is growing is because they simply take the best flavours, textures and presentation from each culture’s cuisine and combine them all on one delectable plate. Whether you prefer to chow down an aromatic plate of Thai noodles or a steaming bowl of the Vietnamese equivalent, what could be better than a chef that manages to combine the best qualities of both?