Getting Better with Age

Submitted by admin on 2015/02/19 10:31:02 AM
For many people, age is nothing more than a number, which means advancing years should never put a dampener on anyone's travel plans. If you choose to stay at a private villa, the elder members of the family will have the perfect base to enjoy a relaxing, comfortable and inspiring holiday, especially with a bit of vacation preparation. They took care of you when you were growing up, and now it’s your turn to take care of Mum and Dad, or even Grandma and Granddad. Perhaps you’re organizing a multi-generational getaway to celebrate a special anniversary? Maybe you're gathering far-flung relatives for an annual family reunion? It might just be time to thank your parents for all their care, love and advice over the years by treating them to a luxury holiday in an exotic destination, like Thailand for example. Not only is Thailand full of natural treasures, its well-developed tourism infrastructure makes travelling with elderly relatives a breeze. The rule of thumb is – if your travel buddies are advancing in years, it’s best to make all the necessary preparations and take precautions before you jet off – that way, when you touch down you can enjoy your holiday to the max. Planned to Perfection Lift Start planning your parents’ or grandparents' trip by finding out what their dream holiday is – do they fancy a relaxing beach vacation? Or do they want to feast their eyes on cultural marvels for two solid weeks? It’s important to do your research in advance, particularly when it comes to accommodation. A private villa offers the space for your loved ones to settle in comfortably. For example, if mum and dad struggle to climb up and down the stairs, look into a one-level villa or a holiday residence serviced with an internal lift. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot Loose clothing If the journey to Thailand requires a long haul flight, consider that it may be a little more difficult for older passengers to get comfortable. If possible, an upgrade to business or first class will give mum and dad the extra space to stretch out. Compression stockings are a good idea to help stimulate circulation during the flight. Once you touch down, it is recommended that elderly travellers wear loose clothing to lower the risk of heat stroke, hypertension and high blood pressure. Additionally, many older travellers suffer from dehydration, so it’s important to keep a bottle of water handy at all times. Top of their Game Medication If your parents take medication on a regular basis make sure that their supply is topped up to last the whole vacation, and if they are likely to need more while you are out there, arrange to bring a prescription. Medications should always be carried in a clear zip-loc plastic bag to get through the hand baggage check quickly and easily. If your mum and dad need to take medication on a regular basis, you can ask one of the friendly flight attendants to remind him or her – after all, it can be confusing when you are zooming across time zones. Explore in Style Travelling Once have settled into the private villa, it’s likely that the older folk are going to want to do some exploring – either with or without you. Consider bespoke or private tours that can be easily arranged with the help of your villa manager. This means that your parents can enjoy learning about the culture of the Kingdom in a peaceful atmosphere without being crowded on the same tour as a gaggle of rowdy youngsters. It’s also recommended to check if the tour requires a certain fitness level and/or whether they are able to cater to passengers who are challenged by mobility. Travel Safe Travel insurance Last, but certainly not least, is travel insurance – a must for any traveller taking a vacation overseas, no matter what their age. Travel insurance in case of an accident is particularly important for elderly travellers, and tourists planning a trip to the Kingdom can now take advantage of the online insurance coverage scheme offered by the Tourism Authority of Thailand; Thailand Travel Shield allows visitors to purchase insurance coverage for a wide variety of incidents including everything from accidents to trip cancellations.