Go Native for Breakfast

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A sumptuous selection of authentic Thai breakfast dishes will give you just the kick start you need for an activity filled holiday and your villa chef or manager will happily provide some authentic dishes for the first meal of the day. Thailand offers up a vast range of traditional breakfast dishes for visitors that want to get their morning metabolism moving with a hearty local meal. Choosing to staying in one of the country’s increasingly popular private rental villas means you will not only escape the snaking queues at the breakfast buffet, but are also free to ask your private chef to make a few traditional dishes for you to sample. Alternatively, if you want to really eat like the locals, find out from your villa manager where the best local street food stalls are situated, and head out to east in the cool of the morning. Or ask the staff to nip out and buy a few dishes to bring back to the villa and enjoy with a healthy home made fruit shake. Comfort Food Congee If porridge is an important part of your morning ritual, don’t miss out on the chance to try Jok, a steamy dish of thick Thai rice porridge. This dish is basically the Thai version of congee, and most delicious when it has been slowly cooked over a charcoal fire. Pork is one of the most important ingredients in traditional Jok, making it perfect for those who enjoy an early morning protein kick. Other additions often include meatballs or even slices of liver. Once you have emptied your steaming bag of Jok into a bowl back at your villa, season with ginger and fresh green onions for maximum impact on your taste buds. Noodle Time Kanom Jeen Khanom jeen is another of Thailand’s most popular breakfast dishes. Freshly prepared noodles are made from fermented rice that have been pressed into a doughy texture and then served with a choice of spicy curry sauces. Popular versions include geng nua (beef curry), nam ya pa (fish curry), or even geng nam prik (sweet prawn curry with nuts). Thai people also load up their khanom jeen with a selection of fresh vegetables and other condiments like grated radish and morning glory to make it as delicious as possible. Washed down with a glass of sweet ice tea its the perfect morning feast for adventurous and hungry visitors. Go Green pt Pa ton gor is an ideal breakfast dish for travellers with an insatiable sweet tooth. If pancakes and maple syrup are your ideal Western breakfast, then a plate of fluffy pa ton gor with sweet custard will send you into Thai food heaven. It is basically a Thai-style doughnut – a creamy dollop of heavenly batter that has been fried to perfection so its crisp golden skin encases a light and fluffy middle. Many people choose to eat their pa ton gor plain, but they offer an extra sweet kick when they are drizzled with green pandan custard. Delicious Dim Sum Krabi dim sum If you thought Hong Kong dim sum were the best you would ever taste, think again. For travellers to southern Thai provinces like Suratthani (Koh Samui), Trang, Krabi or Phuket, dim sum is a traditional breakfast that shouldn’t be missed. Let the mouth-watering flavour of the oily pork base do the talking; it’s the ultimate breakfast treat when gobbled down with a glass of Thai milk tea. If you want to sample a few other flavours, shumai pork dumplings are also popular, especially when they are topped with a savoury chunk of orange egg yolk. The most popular stalls usually sell out before 9am, so if you want to feast on dim sum for breakfast, make sure you get up early! Perfect pancakes SONY DSC Pancakes are the ultimate breakfast treat across the world. In the West, people might fry up a couple of slices of bacon before drizzling the ensemble with maple syrup. By contrast, in Thailand traditional roti pancakes are best served with a generous helping of spicy chicken curry. Many of Thailand’s family-owned roti stalls have been preparing these delicacies for generations, so when you load that first blissful mouthful of pancake and curry into your mouth, you can be sure it is an authentic recipe that’s been passed down through the generations. The roti, which begins life as a lump of dough, is mercilessly bashed, folded and squashed before being fried on an oiled hotplate. If chicken curry is not your thing, rotis can be served with egg, banana, fish, sweet chilli dip and even condensed milk. by Max Vee