Good Health, Great Hospitality

Submitted by admin on 2015/01/22 01:14:08 PM
Thailand offers the perfect holiday choice for visitors to kick start a healthy 2015. There are miles of mountains and endless stretches of coastline to get out and get active, as well as diverse options for healthy eating, massage, fun and fitness. There is no doubt that Thailand is one of the best places to start building a healthier lifestyle. Home to stunning mountain and coastal scenery, there are plenty of ways for visitors to get active as they uncover the various treasures the Kingdom has to offer, whether they are enjoying a swim in the ocean or hiking to a waterfall. Thailand’s tropical climate also fosters the growth of an abundance of fresh food for visitors to enjoy, without feeling even one twinge of guilt. To top it all off, some of the world’s most beneficial massage techniques and holistic treatments originated in Thailand, so you can enjoy being pampered to wellness. Below are a few suggestions for a healthy holiday in the Land of Smiles. Breakfast Benefits Mangos While Thai cuisine is known for its curries and noodles, the tropical climate means that the land is incredibly fertile and produces a mound of fresh fruit and vegetables. From crispy greens to sweet and succulent pineapple, there is always something new to try. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for good health, and a fruit shake whipped up in your private villa’s kitchen offers a tasty, yet nutritious way to start the day. Why not try blending a mango with pineapple, banana and a dash of coconut milk for a healthy morning treat. Fighting Fit Thai boxing If you want to combine exercise with culture whilst you are holidaying in Thailand, then grab your boxing gloves and head to the nearest Muay Thai gym for a hard-core workout. Muay Thai classes are becoming increasingly popular at the many gyms peppered across islands like Samui and Phuket, and the local trainers will be able to put you through your paces in everything from Thai-style roundhouses to upper cuts. If you are in search of a more intensive Muay Thai experience, you can book onto fitness retreats that cater specifically to travellers. Muay Thai Koh Phangan comes highly recommended, and participants can expect to look forward to several solid hours of training per day in addition to a long run on the beach. Time to Explore Bang Pae There is no need to take part in any formal exercise classes if you just want to make the most of working up a sweat whilst enjoying Thailand’s natural scenery. When it comes to water sports, the seas of Thailand offer fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, with Koh Tao being the most popular diving hub in the whole of Southeast Asia. On land, mountain hiking is becoming increasingly popular with visitors. If you fancy exploring the lush jungle of Phuket, a hike to Bang Pae – the island's largest waterfall – is a fun challenge. Situated in the Thaeo National Park in Thalang, the waterfall is a great destination during the rainy season when hikers can take a dip in the pool at the bottom. Mind & Body Kids yoga A healthy body and a healthy mind work as partners. Yoga or meditation is a soothing way to clear your thoughts, and the tranquil grounds of your private villa offer the perfect place to practice your downward facing dogs and ballerina poses. If you have never tried yoga before, there are also plenty of places to learn. Located in Koh Samui’s Fisherman’s Village, the Yoga Garden offers a variety of classes and workshops in everything from Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, to Zumba and pilates. There are even kids’ yoga classes taught with music and stories if you want to get the little ones stretching. Massage Masters Thai Massage Whether you go to a lavish spa to indulge in a Thai massage or receive one within the comfort of your private villa, the health benefits are tremendous. The massage therapist twists and bends different parts of the body into different yoga-like poses, which is why Thai massage is known to be one of the more rigorous forms of massage. The muscle compression, joint mobilisation and pressure that the therapist applies is proven to relieve tension and stress. As the masseuse holds your body in each particular pose, blood flows to the target area in order to boost circulation for a winning combination of health benefits and relaxation.