Gourmet Villa Dining

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When it comes to in-villa dining, one Koh Samui villa is leading the way with an eclectic range of all-inclusive culinary treats, all specially prepared by the villa’s own executive chef.

For guests that stay in one of Thailand’s luxurious villas, the mouth-watering cuisine prepared by the Thai chef often turns out to be one of the highlights for their stay.

In-villa dining is growing in popularity, as many guests are keen to enjoy at least some of their meals in their private holiday home to make the most of the opulent surroundings rather than heading out to eat.

To cater to this trend, Villa Upni Duniya on Koh Samui has introduced a selection of diverse gourmet set menus for guests to choose from, all included in the nightly rate. The property’s executive chef has crafted each menu to offer a varied choice of culinary delights made from the finest, fresh ingredients. The dishes come from different parts of Thailand, India and Italy and were also chosen to match a variety of in-villa dining preferences.

Below is a taster of the sumptuous cuisine on offer at this exceptional private holiday villa.

Thai Treats

If you’re a fan of traditional Thai food, then Villa Upni Duniya offers the ultimate gourmet Thai feast. Thai cooking is characterised by the use of lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. Each dish is packed with flavour, bringing sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy tastes to the fore. Cuisine from the north of the country is known for its depth and flavour and Upni Duniya offers two northern menus – a north-eastern and a dedicated northern selection. The rich Kaeng Hung Ley pork curry on the northern menu is delicious creamy favourite with hints of Indian flavour while the north-eastern or Isaan food represents a step back in time to Thai cuisine’s rustic roots. The crisp, aromatic flavours are what give this region’s cuisine its unique character, and the zesty dishes – including Laab Kai (spicy minced chicken with herbs) is packed with flavour.

Travelling South

Villa Upni Duniya’s gourmet set menus have Thai cuisine well covered. The Central Thai set menu offers an exquisite blend of flavours, which often come together in the delectable curries. Highlights include freshly caught mackerel, plus sweet and sour duck eggs marinated in spicy tamarind sauce. For dessert, rice dumplings are served in a sweet coconut soup. The Southern Thai menu also offers something special for lovers of Thai cuisine, and is the perfect pick for guests who are in the mood for the fiery flavours that characterise this region’s cuisine. This part of the country is well known for its fresh seafood, and the deep-fried red snapper, pomfrey or barracuda are all well worth trying.

Dining al fresco

To make the most of the gorgeous outdoor scenery with an al fresco dining session, many guests staying at Upni Duniya opt for the sumptuous barbecue menu. If you’re a meat lover, this is certainly a meal you will want to slot in one evening while you’re staying at the property. Guests can choose from a selection of the finest chicken, fish, or beef – all marinated in flavoursome Thai sauces before being grilled to perfection over Hickory wood charcoal. The best part is, with a skilled private chef to do the work you can specify exactly how well done you’d like your meat and you know that when you tuck in, the food is going to be perfect.

Taste of India

Like Thai food, Indian cuisine encompasses a plethora of traditional cooking practices and dishes that are packed with a feast of fiery flavours. Guests staying at Upni Duniya have a choice of four Indian menus – the Vegetarian, Tandoori, Seafood Set or the full India Taste Experience. Each set menu presents a unique blend of harmonious flavours, from creamy Masala curries to tender meats marinated in yoghurt before being slow-cooked in the tandoor oven. The India Taste Experience is the perfect option for foodies that want to try a broad selection of dishes that take you on a culinary tour of the whole country. Featuring juicy fresh prawns and aromatic Red Snapper, the spectacular seafood menu is also worth trying if you’re a fan of the fruits of the ocean.

Mediterranean Wonders

From India to Italy – guests at Upni Duniya have the opportunity to sample a diverse array of culinary delights. The three Italian menus are each based on the finest fresh produce and include all the global favourites. Guests can start with a crisp green salad or fresh tomato soup, followed by steaming plates of spaghetti, with a choice of sauces ranging from creamy carbonara to rich, full-bodied Bolognese. Italian food is known for its honesty, so the ingredients do all the talking. For pure fresh flavours, the herb-encrusted roast free-range chicken served with golden roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables is must-try dish.