Hammock Time in Private Villa

Submitted by admin on 2017/04/03 12:24:08 AM

There are plenty of ways to relax and unwind as you take a break in your private villa’s hammock, on a daybed, or relaxing on a cushioned lounger by the pool.

If you’re heading to tropical Thailand on vacation, you might be lucky enough to be staying in one of the Kingdom’s spectacular private villas. As well as offering top-notch accommodation in an array of exquisite locations across Phuket and Koh Samui, many villas come with a selection of facilities to help you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere – including hammocks, sun-loungers and daybeds.

Whether you want to grab a good book and catch up on your reading, or simply indulge in an afternoon snooze, a shaded hammock or daybed that enjoys the benefits of the fresh sea breeze is the perfect place.

Villas offer plenty of terraces and balconies overlooking lush landscaped grounds with views out towards the peaceful island shores. Settle down in a relaxing spot with a chilled drink and you'll never want to leave. 

Below are five ways for you to enjoy your villa’s relaxation spots. 

Green with Envy

Eye-catching modern architecture, splendid exotic surroundings and marvellous ocean views are just a few of the advantages that tempt people to stay in a private villa whilst on vacation in the Land of Smiles. Sometimes, when the sun is beaming down as you lie in your hammock gazing out at the stunning sea vistas, the temptation to post on social media to make friends back home jealous is just too strong to overcome. Whether you Twitter, Instagram or Facebook is your preferred medium; your photographs of the gleaming ocean – taken from the supreme comfort of a gently swaying hammock – are sure to do the trick.

Read Up

Plenty of us have such busy day-to-day lives back at home, there’s rarely time to settle down and chill out with a good book. For some people, getting lost in the pages of a thrilling novel is the preferred option, while others might opt to pick up the latest best-selling autobiography on their kindle or tablet. Whatever your preferred medium, a hammock is the ideal spot to get into the swing of your new book. After lunch is the perfect time for a little reading siesta, and who could blame you if you decided to incorporate a little snooze into your chill time?

Sound of Music

Close proximity to natural beauty can be exhilarating, and rather than nodding off with a good book, you may simply want to soak up the stunning surroundings. In order to get the atmosphere just right, you might like to hook your iPod or phone up to your villa’s sound system to make the most of a few favourite tunes as you relax. Many of Thailand’s finest property rentals come with top of the range sound systems, so you can pipe the music through to wherever you are in the villa and enjoy a superb sound quality. Who knows – relaxing in the hammock and listening to a few tunes could even get you in the party mood.

Game Time

If you prefer to keep your thinking cap on or you simply can’t sit totally still, then your relaxation session is the perfect chance to download some new games to conquer. Casual gamers might prefer a few rounds of Candy Crush on their smart phones, while more serious players could easily take their PSP or Nintendo out to the hammock for a good session. Thailand’s top villa’s some with excellent WiFi connections, so guests can connect to the internet for online gaming without even having to leave the comfort of their chosen chill out spot.

Refresh Yourself

Last but not least, a hammock or daybed is the ideal spot to open a beer and revel in the fact that you’re on holiday with not a care in the world. If you’re on a health kick, then grab a fresh young coconut and drink in all of the wonderful hydrating benefits. If it’s coming up for happy hour, then there’s nothing like a cold glass of your favourite tipple while you soak up the spectacular surroundings and gaze up at the palm trees. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could even to get one of your villa’s staff to whip up a tropical cocktail for you to drink.