Happy Tropical Holiday Hair

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Girls that choose the right selection of hair styles and products to travel with can keep their hair looking sleek, shiny and “social media fabulous” throughout a villa vacation in tropical Southeast Asia. Whilst on holiday in a tropical destination like Thailand or Bali, you can guarantee that you’ll never be too far away from a camera, and with the growing popularity of online photograph platforms like Instagram, it is becoming ever more important that you always look your best. Unfortunately, the high temperatures and humidity in such beautiful destinations can often make maintaining elegant style a challenge, particularly when it comes to your hair. A few practical ideas will ensure your locks remain sleek, elegant and stylish for the duration of your holiday, whether you are lounging on one of Phuket’s glorious beaches, hiking up one of Koh Samui’s waterfall trails or visiting an ancient temple on Bali. Pump it Up No drought After a few hours on a plane, your hair is already off to a bad holiday start. Sitting still in a confined space can make your hair go flat, and re-conditioned hair may even dry out. Ladies determined to look effortlessly elegant upon arrival at their destination can “pump up the volume” by thinking big before they even get on the plane. Professional hair stylists recommend blow drying hair to a higher volume than normal before your flight and working a dry shampoo into the roots to gain some extra body. Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo smells sensational, and leaves hair feeling sleek, shiny and wonderful. Hot, Hot, Hot Sienna Miller plait Once you are settled into your private island villa, heat and humidity are your hair’s number one enemies. Increased humidity weakens your hair so it is more prone to breakage when you brush it, and exposure to UV rays drys it out even more. To combat dull looking hair, try adding sunscreen before a day out. There is now a growing market of hair products that contain UV-blocking boosters to prevent colour and strength degradation. To keep it looking great as well as feeling great, select a signature up-do to keep flyaway strands off your face. Ponytails and topknots are particularly effective, although “boho chicks” may prefer elegant braids like Sienna Miller’s. Bathing Beauty Aussie leave-in conditioner While the sun is an obvious factor contributing to hair damage, many people overlook the effect of water – particularly water that contains chemicals like chlorine. Professional hair stylists recommend using a rich conditioner between dips in the pool and Jacuzzi. Spritzing a leave-in conditioner through your hair a couple of times a day can also keep it soft and silky so it becomes easier to brush. Aussie’s leave-in conditioning spray moisturises hair, leaving it feeling light and smooth. This product also contains sweet-smelling ginseng extract, and is the perfect size to pop in your beach bag for a day out. Keep on Moving Happy pony A day exploring Bali’s coastal temples or hiking hidden trails through the island’s rice terraces will find you posing for photograph a lot. If sightseeing makes you get a sweat on, be sure your hair is well out of the way. While a simple ponytail may seem like a boring style for a day out, there are many ways to spice up this classic up-do. Wearing a high ponytail like Jessica Alba’s gives your hair movement and life, and you can increase the volume at the front by securing your hair with a few grips. Fastening a fresh flower to your ponytail will add even more sparkle. Easy elegance Top knot Chic, sophisticated and practical is an easy style to strike on a holiday night out, especially now the top-knot is gracing red carpets across the world. To make sure your knot looks classy rather than like something you would wear to the gym, use a tamer to banish those pesky flyaway hairs and step up the shine. John Frieda’s Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer is a light, easy-to-apply tamer that works in the same way as a mascara wand. It also fits easily into your evening clutch bag for touch-ups throughout the night.   by