Healthy Holiday Mixology

Submitted by admin on 2016/02/25 10:27:02 AM
If you need a refreshing beverage while soaking up the tropical rays next to the pool at your private villa, then why not try one of these delicious tropical fruit concoctions to toast the setting sun? There’s nothing quite like a chilled mixed fruit drink to cool you down when you’ve been switching between a sunbed and the pool all day. If you happen to have rented a private villa on one of Thailand’s islands, then making the most of your private villa’s pool is a must, and it’s also likely you will want to switch your beverage of choice around to make the most of the irresistible flavours that are indigenous to the Land of Smiles. With helpful villa staff on hand, you won’t need to lift a finger to make the thirst-quenching punch of your tropical dreams. The barman or professional chef will be more than happy to whip up a batch of re-hydrating fruity goodness so you can continue enjoying the sunshine. Below are a few recipes you can ask them try out. Mad about Mango Mango and orange punch Lucky travellers enjoying the delights of Thailand during mango season have plenty of sweet juices and smoothies to look forward to whilst on holiday. Whether your villa’s resident chef is making the drink or whether you fancy having a go yourself, you will need: half a cup of water, half a cup of sugar, 6 cups of mango juice, two cups of orange juice, one cup of pineapple juice and one teaspoon of lime juice to make a couple of pitchers of this fabulous beverage. Bring the water and sugar to a boil in a saucepan for ten minutes, and then let the mixture cool. Stir in the remaining fruit juices and leave to chill before serving over ice. Coconut Sensation Coconut If you’re more in the mood for a sweet creamy treat that’s slightly more filling than thirst-quenching, try this indulgent coconut punch. Thanks to its rich, velvety consistency, this coconut drink is more of a shake than a punch – but it’s still delicious either way, and best enjoyed alongside an ocean view from your villa’s sun terrace. Simply combine one cup of coconut milk with a frozen banana in a powerful blender, add a splash of maple syrup and serve. For extra wow factor, sprinkle some dry coconut flakes on the top to give this drink a little crunch. Lovely Limes Lime punch The zesty flavour of lime permeates many traditional Thai dishes. It also forms the crisp, sour base of many a refreshing holiday punch. Combine zingy limes with sweet, fresh pineapples for the perfect poolside tropical punch. First of all, take a handful of ice and crush it with some fizzy lemon soda before adding the juice of two limes. Next, mix with an equal measure of pineapple juice before adding a wedge of lime to the side of the glass for decoration. For the ultimate fresh taste, head down to your local market in the morning to take your pick of the finest, freshly-picked local produce. Perfect Papaya Papaya If you thought mango and watermelon were your favourite fruits to snack on in Thailand, you’ve obviously not had the chance to savour the flavour of fresh papaya. You might need to raid your villa’s bar to make this magnificent mocktail, as a shaker tin, mixing glass, muddler, strainer, bar spoon and citrus squeezer are needed. First of all, cut a fresh piece of turmeric root into slices, place in the mixing glass and pound with the muddler until it’s thoroughly mashed. Chop up a generous slice of papaya, and muddle that into the mix as well. Squeeze in the juice of half an orange and a lime, before adding one shot of water and two bar spoons of honey. Top the mixing glass up with ice and seal with the shaker before giving the mixture a good jiggle. Zest & Zing Lemongrass and Thai basil This scrumptious punch is the ideal complement to your chicken, cashew nuts and rice at lunch time. This non-alcoholic take on the traditional mojito makes the best of authentic Thai flavours, including lemongrass, lime and Thai basil. Chop two stalks of lemongrass into small pieces and bruise with a pestle and mortar. Place in a pot with one cup of water and one quarter a cup of sugar. Bring to the boil and then take off the heat before letting the syrup chill for 24 hours. The next day, strain the syrup and it’s ready to use. To prepare your Thai punch, add half a teaspoon of sugar to the glass, in addition to one slice of lime and a handful of Thai basil. Muddle all the ingredients together before adding soda and two spoons of lemongrass syrup. Top the mixture off with crushed ice before serving.