Hit the ocean running

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For watersports lovers with a sense of adventure, staying at one of the two expansive, luxury beachfront villas on the Baan Hinta/Hinyai Estate overlooking Koh Samui's picturesque southeast coast, offers a unique opportunity not only to enjoy a memorable beachside vacation, but also to try out the very latest in hi-tech marine toys. Surrounded by lush tropical greenery and natural rock formations with a private beach that opens onto a peaceful bay, the newly completed Baan Hin Ta and Baan Hin Yai villas have already raised the bar when it comes to striking architecture and interior elegance on Koh Samui. Add to this an exciting new marine adventure centre just a five minute stroll from the estate, and guests can combine a relaxed, luxurious stay with an adrenaline fuelled holiday and really make the most of the island's fabulous oceanside appeal. Started by a group of friends who have lived on and frequented Koh Samui for the last 20 years, and share both passion and experience for ocean sports and exploration, Water Edge Sports offers the chance to get wet while enjoying some of the most exciting new watersports equipment available on the market today. Whether you want to fly above the surface James Bond style, or dive in deep without the constraints of a tank on your back, the centre can kit you out, train you and set you off on a memorable blue sea adventure. Jet Lev Flyer Jet Lev Flyer To fulfil you Skyfall fantasies, have a go on a Jet Lev flyer, which was inspired by the James Bond classic, Thunderball. This device allows the rider to fly up to ten metres above the water effortlessly while taking in the tropical surroundings. There are only a handful of these amazing machines in the world, and the few that are lucky enough to own one are mostly royalty or superstars. Unlike conventional aircraft and jetpacks, the innovative Jetlev concept greatly improves thrust-to-weight ratio by locating the propulsion engine, fuel and related systems on a separate vessel tethered behind the jetpack. Water is the jet propulsion medium, because it can offer vast amounts of power at much lower velocities, generating more lift than gases. This allows the pilot to fly safely and effortlessly over the ocean. Powerdive Powerdive If you like snorkeling, you'll love Power Diving, and with Power Dive's free-floating Power Snorkel Hookah, you can buddy dive to 6 metres with family and friends for more than an hour on the 35 a/h battery. There are no tanks to carry, wear or refill and, after your dive, simply recharge or exchange the battery and do it all over again. In the Power Snorkel Hookah, the pump and motor are housed in a floating surround, which enables the Power Snorkel to float above with the divers below. You can just as easily dive from the shore or from a boat moored by a teeming reef. Bladefish Bladefish The Bladefish 7000 is the world's lightest, fastest and most compact sea jet. It also has the longest run time (up to 120 minutes) and 4 speeds, which allows you to effortlessly glide along, keeping up with marine life. The lithium ion battery charges up to 80% of full power in under an hour and powers the Bladefish 7000 up to 6.5 km/hour. With adjustable buoyancy you can dive down to 40 metres and the digital battery LED light shows you the remaining power at all times. Seabob Seabob With SEABOB, water sports reach a whole new level of excitement and actually make it possible to move through the water like a dolphin, either on the surface or at depth. Powered by patented jet stream engineering, water is sucked in by the rotating impeller and forced out in the jet under high pressure. The Seabob Cayago F7 can achieve speeds of 20km above the water and 16km under the water. So choose your preference — relaxed gliding, sporty driving or diving swiftly but safely under the waves Find out more about these thrilling water toys at wateredgesports.com     by