Holiday Fragrances

Submitted by admin on 2015/09/21 10:52:48 AM
This year’s most desirable aromas will ensure that you feel fresh and smell sweet throughout a long haul journey; then stay that way from the start to the end of your villa vacation in Thailand. Selecting the right fragrance can be a challenge. Whether you prefer the crisp bite of a citrus aroma or the soft caress of something a little more floral, it’s always important to find something that you feel reflects your personality. On a vacation it’s also important to select a fragrance that translates easily from daytime to evening. After all, you never know where the sightseeing trail will lead you, and all that jumping in and out of the pool will mean you need to re-spray now and again for consistency. Below is a selection of favourite scents for ladies and gents that will not only make you feel good about yourself, but will also add an olfactory element to your holiday memories. Spice Up Marni Marni Spice, the fantastic fourth edition in the brand’s line of fragrances, is both rich and spicy – just like Thailand and therefore ideal for the confident woman that wants her scent to be relevant and make an impact on holiday. Irresistible notes of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon offer a spicy punch, whilst gentle floral hints of jasmine, rose and musk soften this fragrance and make it perfect for either casual or more formal outings. Floral Flavours Elie Saab Let the crystal waters of Thailand inspire your choice of holiday perfume and select something a little aquatic. Elie Saab’s limited edition 2015 Resort Collection offers a sweet rush of fruity, floral flavours. Like Marni, you can find plenty of Thai-inspired notes in this fragrance, including jasmine and frangipani – two traditional Thai blooms. Once you arrive home, the glimmering azure blue of the special edition bottle is sure to transport you right back to those lazy afternoons spent beside your villa’s private pool. Solid Scent Signature If you forgot to pack a perfume, then Thailand is the perfect place to pick up something new and alluring. Thann is one of the country's most distinctive cosmetics brands, and their Signature Solid perfume is a classic choice. Not only do the delicious notes of zesty orange and spearmint oil smell wonderful, but the little tin packs up nicely in your bag for touch ups throughout the day. Designed to be massaged into your body’s pressure points – the neck, chest and behind the ears – this fabulous solid scent will leave you smelling sweet from morning temple trips to sundown cocktails. Fruit Sensation Lacoste It’s not just ladies that want to smell great on vacation. For stylish gents, Lacoste’s Jaune is inspired by sunny summer days – perfect for your holiday in the Land of Smiles. The lively fragrance features an irresistible combination of grapefruit and apple over aromatic cypress wood, all bottled up in a sunshine coloured bottle that will undoubtedly remind you of golden afternoons on the beach. French Fancy Le Male When it comes to fragrances with a sexy twist, nothing beats Jean Paul Gaultier’s classic Le Male. The original scent first appeared 20 years ago, and the latest version is crafted by Francis Kurkdijan, its creator. Characterized by sweet gourmand notes of vanilla and pear, the new fragrance is slightly less floral than its predecessor, but still just as sensual. What’s even better is that this scent is ideal for casual or smart occasions, from brunch buffets at the local beach club to fine dining in the evening.