Holiday Hangover Cures

Submitted by admin on 2014/05/22 03:16:10 PM
Holidays naturally involve a little over-indulgence and on tropical islands cocktails are often part of the experience. However, it’s best to follow a few simple health rules if you want to avoid a morning headache. A private villa is the perfect place for a party, but an afternoon of chilled beers by the pool followed by an evening of martinis on the beach may cause you to feel less than your best the following morning. Alcohol is a diuretic, and too much of it can leave your body dehydrated, and symptoms such as fatigue, nausea and a headache may soon result. Fortunately, it is actually quite simple to avoid a horrible holiday hangover by making sure re-hydrate your body and cleanse yourself of the toxins you maybe tempted to consume. Spice up your Life DSC_5012-500x334-wk If you can’t stomach a greasy fry up the morning after the celebration then a dish of spicy Thai noodle soup may be the perfect breakfast remedy. After a heavy night, many Thais swear by adding extra chilli to their soup because it helps the body to sweat out harmful toxins in the alcohol. A dose of chilli will also clear out your sinuses, leaving you fee to inhale the fresh sea breeze.  If you can’t handle a little spice the morning after, slowly slurping the soup will help re-hydrate your body, and the noodles will stop that nauseous empty-stomach feeling. Drink Up Green tea Re-hydration is the key to curing a hangover. In Asia, holiday-makers feeling slightly worse for wear are spoilt for choice by the delicious range of magical cures on offer. Coconut water is packed full of nutrients, which means it’s a great way to top up your body’s natural electrolytes after a heavy night. Alternatively, green tea served over ice will serve the dual function of re-hydration and cooling you down! This simple brew is high in antioxidants that will help kick start liver detoxification. Relax and Recover Reflexology There is no better time to relax and indulge in some spa therapy than when you are feeling a bit washed out from an evening sipping cocktails and champagne. A vigorous Thai massage is probably a little intense if you are feeling delicate, so better select a treatment that uses gentle and relaxing massage strokes. According to the principles of reflexology, a foot massage that focuses on the liver and stomach regions can also work wonders for a hangover. Alternatively, a shiatsu massage that focuses on the liver, pericardium and stomach meridians will also help to liven you up. Get Moving Phuket waterfall While the strain of intense exercise will leave your body feeling worse after a hangover, it has been proven that gentle exercise can actually help. Mild movement stimulates your body into getting rid of any toxins ingested the night before, so on tropical islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, a gentle stroll to one of the islands peaceful waterfalls should do the trick. In addition to the benefits of exercise, visitors that make their way through abundant jungle greenery will be treated to an abundance of oxygen and even the chance for a refreshing dip in the cool waterfall pool at the end of the trail. Could there be any better way to re-energize? Cleanse and Refresh Jacuzzi A hangover leaves you feeling groggy and fatigued. One of the best ways to encourage the body to sweat out the toxins is by indulging in a long hot soak or shower. With lavish rain showers and serene Jacuzzis, a private villa is the perfect place to indulge in a session of steam therapy. A hangover also leaves your skin feeling dehydrated, so be sure to follow your shower or bath with some intense moisturising to restore the holiday glow. Body lotions with citrus accents like lime or lemongrass will also add zing to re-stimulate your senses. by Wayne Hue