Holiday Hot Shots

Submitted by admin on 2016/05/23 10:57:48 AM
With a few skills in your photography repertoire it’s possible to capture the moment in all its glory when you stay at a luxury villa in Thailand. For many travelers, Thailand is the land of plenty. In addition to an abundance of white sand beaches and a plethora of lush green national parks, the Kingdom is also home to a distinctive array of architectural styles. From the soaring skyscrapers of Bangkok to the gleaming temple peaks, there are plenty of opportunities to capture some stunning photos whilst you’re on holiday in the Land of Smiles. If you’re staying at a private villa on one of Thailand’s island, even a few photos of your accommodation will impress friends and family back home, especially with azure ocean views as a backdrop. To ensure you do all of Thailand’s magnificent buildings justice, below are a few tricks to capturing buildings and architecture in the right type of frame. Keep it Wide City shot If you’re taking in the delights of Thailand’s capital city, it pays to have a wide-angle lens to do full justice to the magnificent buildings. This will allow you to frame entire buildings within the bustling city environment, rather than having a structure isolated and taking up the entire photograph. If your lens is unable to take in the entire city scene, then your camera’s panoramic mode might come in handy. Many compact devices now offer this incredibly useful function, and computer software such as Hugin will also allow you to achieve this effect. Inside Matters Interior shot The interior of a building can offer some spectacular photo opportunities, but sometimes it’s all too easy to get caught up in capturing shots of the outside world. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in one of Thailand’s exceptional private villas, you have the perfect chance to test your interior photography skills. Thanks to plenty of floor-to-ceiling glazing, the majority of private properties are flooded with natural light without being over-exposed, which means you’ll be able to capture some fabulous shots of the gorgeous living area and even capture the stunning sea views beyond. Back to Black Wat Arun Heading out on a sunset quest to capture fantastic images of Thailand’s unusual architecture is something many amateur photographers try. To snap the silhouette of a building, try to position yourself in between the sun and the structure itself and double check that your flash is de-activated before you start clicking. Night shots can be incredibly dramatic, but you will achieve the best results if there is still a little light in the sky to illuminate the details of the building. The shimmering dazzle of urban street lights and traffic at night should do the trick. Whatever the Weather Stormy While your initial urge may be to photograph the local temples and sites of interest on a pleasant sunny day; you can actually capture more dramatic photographic effects when the weather is less perfect. Early morning mists rising from the damp earth can make for a beautifully atmospheric scene, as can storm clouds brewing above a traditional pagoda or the colourful shop houses of Phuket or Bangkok. Capturing buildings at times like these will certainly add depth to your holiday photos, as well as showing off your skills as a photographer. Magical Reflections Temple reflection Water is a powerful spiritual symbol in Thailand, which is why national festivals such as Loy Krathong and Songkran are so important to Thai people. Many of the Kingdom’s finest temples are also built near gleaming bodies of water, and photographers can take advantage of this to get some interesting photographs. Reflections add interesting dimensions, so remember not to cut them out of the frame when you’re positioning your photo. Thanks to the plethora of windows, urban environments are also interesting places to try and capture some intriguing reflective shots of the city.