Holiday Photo Envy

Submitted by admin on 2014/08/28 12:18:59 PM
If the fact that you are staying at a private island villa on your next holiday is not enough to make friends and loved ones green with envy; why not make sure your holiday photographs do the job? There is nothing worse than being bombarded with your friends’ sunny summer holiday photographs when you are stuck inside your office on a rainy lunch hour. Fortunately, savvy travellers heading to the warmth of the tropics in the next few months can savour sweet revenge. Even with pocket-sized smart phones, the growing range of photography apps available at the swipe of a button means it has never been more simple to snap professional looking photographs and upload them to social media for all to admire. Here are five sunny images you can easily set up that will make your pals more envious than ever. The Seaview Snap Sea bed There are few shots that will give your friends holiday envy more than beach photographs and if you’re staying in one of Thailand’s private holiday villas, you also have a golden opportunity to grab a beach shot from the comfort of your bed. Colour (and comfort) are key. First of all, snuggle up and get comfortable. Secondly, take a shot that uses some element of your bedding to frame the breath-taking ocean blue. Finally, choose a cool filter to make the water seem bluer than ever before uploading. The Mouth-Watering Meal Shot 0000TKD7258B7E24EE78B8j For food fanatics, there are very few photographs that will induce envy quite like close-ups of exquisite Thai cuisine. Food photography can be a little trickier than you might imagine, so follow a few simple tips to stop your som tam from looking like leftovers. Firstly, don’t use a flash, as over exposure removes any natural shadows that give your food image some delicious depth. Secondly, don’t let food sit around for too long before taking the photo – particularly with dishes that use fresh herbs – wilted coriander looks far from appetizing. Thirdly, look for the best angle to flatter the texture of your meal – does it look better from above, or from a low side angle? Cocktail Hour Images Cocktail All the best cocktail photographs are taken with beach backdrops. However, if you want to make your cocktail pop all on its own, there are a few photography guidelines you can follow. Like food photography, over exposure can sap your cocktail of depth and colour, so use natural light. Select the right viewing angle and a background with a great contrast. For example, amber hued cocktails look great against the blue-turquoise background of the ocean. If you have a margarita or a crushed ice cocktail, try to zoom in closely to capture the texture and sparkle of each unique grain. Sunset Specials 73738425_311621bedb_o The stunning coastlines of islands like Phuket and Samui offer up the chance to take some spectacular sunset shots. To get the maximum impact, try and capture the sun as it dips right behind the ocean. If you are a budding photographer that wants to capture the sundown perfect shot, seek out your location and check your sunset time a few days in advance. Get to your chosen vantage point at least one hour in advance to capture the ever-changing concert of colour, then you can select the most envy-inducing shots afterwards. Incorporate tropical silhouettes like palm trees into your frame to turn your friends crimson with sunset envy. The Perfect Selfie selfie_banner Of course, none of the above envy-inducing photographs mean quite the same thing if there is no token "self" to prove that you were present for all of these wonderful meals, cocktails and sunsets. So why not set up the perfect selfie – this year’s hottest photography craze? First of all, find an angle that is flattering, whether looking up, looking down, or a left or right profile. Next, practise your most natural smile, and make sure the camera isn’t too close to your face. Finally, make sure your friends will be able to see the beach backdrop behind you. It may take a few attempts, but the results will surely be worth it.