Holiday Skin Care for Guys

Submitted by admin on 2015/11/11 10:54:56 AM
It’s not just beauty-conscious women that need to look after their skin whilst on holiday in a tropical country such as Thailand. Skin care is equally important for well-groomed men. Whether or not they care to admit it, most modern men care just as much about looking good as the women do, and keeping healthy, young looking skin often plays an important part in personal grooming. When you travel all the way to a tropical country like Thailand, it’s not ideal to end up looking sunburnt and sore in all of your holiday photos. Whether they are male or female, travellers that plan a healthy holiday skincare routine are sure to look their best during and after their vacation. Below are a few tips and products for gentlemen who want their skin to have a healthy holiday glow. Protect Sun cream Our first tip for holiday skincare is fairly obvious; although it’s surprising how many men forget to lather on layers of protective sun cream whilst they’re out in strong sun. The rays in Thailand are particularly strong, so if you can’t stay out of the sun between the hours of 11am to 3pm, sun cream is essential. No matter what you’ve heard about factor 10 being ideal for a golden holiday glow; using a higher SPF will actually help you build a smooth, longer lasting tan. Shiseido’s Expert Sun Aging Protection Cream SPF is ideal for active guys who wants to swim and do sports in the sun because its protective veil is boosted by water and perspiration. Moisturize Molton Brown After a day exposed to the tropical sun, your skin needs a chance to re-hydrate. During periods of intense exposure such as an afternoon spent by the pool next to your private villa – the metabolism of your skin speeds up, which means it needs even more applications of moisturizing product than it usually would. In fact, it’s best to moisturize your face morning, noon and night to keep it soft and fresh. Molton Brown’s Extra Rich Bai Ji Hydrator minimizes dryness and contains macadamia seed oil to nourish the skin. Cool After sun As well as packing a sensitive, hydrating moisturiser for your face, it’s also wise to have a soothing after sun lotion handy to cool your skin after a day in the sun. Don’t let the hot pink packaging of Decleor’s Aroma Sun Expert Soothing After Sun Milk fool you – this after sun cream acts immediately to bring the skin’s hydration levels back to normal. If your skin is feeling particularly raw after a few days soaking up the rays, you could also opt for an aloe vera massage in one of Thailand’s fabulous spas? Aloe vera is prized for its hydrating qualities, and a sunburn targeted treatment is an excellent excuse for a pamper session. Wash Face wash The last thing your delicate skin wants after several hours in the sun is a harsh facial scrub. While exfoliating is a crucial part of any weekly skincare routine, overdoing it with an unnecessarily abrasive product will damage dried out skin even more. Instead, opt for a cream-based face wash that will help seal in your skin’s natural moisture. Clinique’s face wash for men is a gentle cleanser for normal to dry skin, and leaves your face feeling fresh, light and fantastic. Conceal Concealer If you had one too many cocktails on the beach and ended up nodding off and waking with a slightly red nose, no fear. Holidays are precious, and there is no excuse for staying at home nursing skin raw from the sun when you could be out enjoying yourself. A men’s concealer will work wonders in covering up any raw patches or peeling areas, and some products will even infuse your skin with extra moisture. Tom Ford’s concealer for men blends seamlessly into the skin to hide imperfections and it can even be used as a refreshing treatment.