iPhone 5c – travel companion

Submitted by admin on 2013/09/13 11:17:30 AM
Just like its predecessors, the stylish new iPhone 5c functions as a phone, camera, music player and personal computer, and that's before you even start choosing downloadable apps to take with you. With a few tempting additions, this new model may be the winter season's top choice for savvy travellers heading off on a villa holiday. iPhone 5c_resize As more people jump onto the smartphone wagon, it seems that Apple can do no wrong. Considered by many to be the ultimate smartphone, the iPhone 5 offers travellers a range of features to help make what could be a stressful journey into a smooth and peaceful ride. Raising the bar a little higher, the new iPhone 5c model was released this week, and offers a few special elements for a constantly connected vacation. Seaside Chic Colour casing _resize If you are a fashionable beach-goer and like to co-ordinate your phone with your shorts or bikini, the new iPhone 5c is the model for you. A range of colours have been paired with inter-changeable Apple designed cases to personalise their device and inject some extra colour into the holiday ensemble. Apple has even designed the Home screen and wallpaper colours to complement the exteriors. Snap Away iSight Camera_resize For travellers who like to save on hand luggage space and also reduce the risk of a lost or damaged travel accessory, the iPhone 5 doubles as a high quality camera for all of your holiday snaps. The 8 mega-pixel iSight camera offers super sharp photo quality thanks to advanced features like its five‑element lens. There is also a panorama function, as well facial recognition features and a sensor that automatically registers the level of lighting to know how intense the flash should be. iPhone 5c also ha sits own camera app with eight live filters than can be used before or after the picture is taken. Save on Postcards Facetime_resize An iPhone 5 makes staying in touch with your friends and family back home easy with FaceTime®, the  built-in app that allows you to not only call but also see friends with compatible Apple device (iPhone or iPod). The service is quick, easy to use and with the addition of a new FaceTime HD camera, larger pixels and an upgraded backside illumination sensor with improved sensitivity in low light, it's a great opportunity to show off the sunset from your beach or hillside villa. Music on the move iTunes Radio_resize iPhones have long doubled as iPods and come with all the features you need to personalise you listening pleasure. For busy jet setters with limited time to put together a holiday playlist, the new iPhone 5c also comes with iTunes Radio, a completely free streaming service with a huge selection of curated and genre-focused music stations — everything from Alternative Rock to 70s Retro. The stations evolve based on the type of music you play and download, which means the more you use iTunes Radio and iTunes, the more intuitive it becomes – playing the music you love to listen to most. Apply Yourself App Screen_resize If you were worried about getting lost in Bangkok or Bali without a map, then fear no more. The iPhone 5c's built-in Maps app offers sharp graphics and text, even when you zoom in, as well as spoken  directions and realistic, interactive 3D views. Other apps included with the phone range from an interactive calendar to a weather app and even a compass. Then of course there are the thousands of other travel apps you download easily onto the screen. Particularly useful travel apps include flight schedule checkers that help you avoid being stuck due to delays, translation apps for real time help with phrases in a foreign language, destination guide apps for tips on trips and activities, and scrapbook apps to record and share your entire holiday experience in text, photo, video and sound.   by