Island Wildlife in Thailand

Submitted by admin on 2016/08/01 10:52:30 AM
Most of the best private villas on the Thai islands are surrounded by natural beauty and destinations like Phuket and Koh Samui also provide plenty of options for travellers that want to get close to nature and enjoy some wildlife attractions. Thanks to its tropical climate and lush variety of flora and fauna, Thailand provides the perfect habitat for a range of wondrous creatures from the animal kingdom. The country offers a wealth of national parks and marine reserves if you want to seek out a few magnificent creatures in the wild If you’re on holiday with little ones or simply want to guarantee the chance of getting up close to some animals, there are plenty of quality, ethical attractions where you can ensure the inhabitants are treated well. Below are a few recommended wildlife experiences. Phuket Pachyderms ENP Phuket If you’re a fan of Thailand’s national animal, the elephant, then Phuket’s new special welfare centre offers a fine opportunity to show some love to creatures that have been injured or are retired from the tourism industry. Due to open this year, the Elephant Nature Park in Thalang is a sister venture to the conservation schemes in Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, Surin and Cambodia. The new park is committed to providing a safe sanctuary for the island’s elephants and will be positioned near the Khao Phra Thaew Wildlife Sanctuary. The project aims to embrace a different type of elephant tourism, in which the creatures can walk free, forage naturally and socialise with one another. Under the Sea [caption id="attachment_6808" align="alignnone" width="590"]Phuket Aquarium- Sight Seeing Phuket Phuket Aquarium- Sight Seeing Phuket[/caption] If your little ones have been inspired by the sea creatures they glimpsed whilst snorkelling off the beach adjacent to your private villa, then a trip to Phuket Aquarium should definitely be included your travel itinerary. Situated on the scenic Cape Panwa peninsular, the recently-renovated Phuket Aquarium offers a superb chance for kids to see and learn about the thousands of tropical marine species that make the Thai seas their home. There are over 30 fresh and saltwater tanks displaying an incredible array of species, including eels, crabs and sharks. High Flyers Phuket Bird Park For visitors that are fascinated by birds, Phuket Bird Park offers a fantastic day out in an exquisite, tropical setting. Spread out across a lush green hillside, the park is home to hundreds of stunning winged species from across the globe. Catch a glimpse of creatures from adorable red Siamese pheasants to striking African crowned cranes as you explore the nooks and crannies of the park, seizing the opportunity to channel your inner David Attenborough and snap some photographs of the stunning birds on camera. Kaleidoscope of Colour Butterfly Park Situated on the south coast of Koh Samui, Nan Tian Butterfly Garden offers visitors a splendid visual display of natural beauty. The expertly landscaped gardens provide an outdoor paradise for these creatures to flutter around with a special butterfly section covered with netting to provide a safe sanctuary for them to fly. The pathways are lined with sweet treats laid by the butterfly carers, so they are sure to flutter down. Meanwhile, for those that can’t get enough of insects there is also a bee house and an insect museum, which is home to some formidable-looking spiders and scorpions. Back to Nature Paradise Park Farm Nestled atop of Koh Samui’s highest mountain, Khao Pom, Paradise Park Farm is the perfect retreat for a laid back, family day out. A network of small rivers, streams and forested gardens stretches across a 20-acre area of the park, which began life as a simple menagerie in 2012. A range of gentle creatures call this tropical oasis home, including rabbits and deer. The park also acts as a scenic sanctuary to macaws, parrots and parakeets. Gentle hiking trails have been strategically laid out for visitors to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views.