Keep Stuff Safe

Submitted by admin on 2013/07/25 11:04:18 AM
A dream holiday can turn into a nightmare if you are unlucky enough to lose any of your possessions, or worse still, fall victim to theft. Thankfully, a range of smart but simple accessories help travellers minimise the risk of their possessions being lost or damaged whilst on holiday. Despite spending large sums of money each year on travel insurance, we sometimes forget the extra measures that can be taken to ensure that our valuables are just as well protected as we are. Whether you are guarding your belongings from pickpockets, preventing damage by clumsy baggage handlers or simply protecting against the elements, there are plenty of travel accessories out there to make sure your stuff stays safe. Most of these products come at affordable prices, and are well worth investing in to save you the hassle and expense of replacing holiday essentials. Conceal your valuables Water tight_resize No matter where you are travelling around the globe, there's always some risk from pickpockets. Savvy travellers make it much more difficult for light fingered crooks to get their hands on any loot by wearing one of what is now a vast range of money belts on the market that sit comfortably around the waist. The belts are also ideal for passports, credit cards and travel documents and on trips to the beach, some money belts now offer full protection from the elements. Waterproof versions means the wearer can even take a swim with our worrying about their cash or cards getting damaged. Decoy packaging Valuable hideaway_resize If a thief manages to get his or her hands on your bag, the chances are he will quickly rifle through it to see what valuables are worth taking, then discard the bag and make his escape. Decoy products allow you to conceal your phone, keys or money inside innocuous looking containers in the secret compartment under the lid. Unless they have the luxury of time, most thieves are likely to be fooled by what looks like a simple bottle of sunscreen. This useful product is also splash-proof, so therefore a handy accessory t to protect valuables from water on a day trip. Maintain identity Safe as houses_resize The last thing you expect to be stolen whilst on holiday is your identity, but in the last few years, criminals have come up with a number of ingenious ways to scan credit cards and passport chips, often without the traveller even realising the damage done until its too late. The RFID (radio-frequency identification) organiser is a handy wallet, designed with anti-scan properties that protects the items on the inside from fraudsters. Not only is this organiser an ingenious way to protect your valuables, it is a stylish wallet featuring 18 compartments in which you can store your travel documentation and credit cards for convenient access when you are travelling. Lock down Padlock protection_resize It may seem obvious, but locking your luggage whilst it's in transit is a simple way to protect belongings. Not only will a padlock stop anyone from opening up your case, bag or a backpack, it also acts as a deterrent for anyone that might be looking at your luggage as a potential target for theft. Travel padlocks now come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with combination or key locks. Depending on how much you want to spend; the larger, more expensive locks tend to be harder to break open – even for expert lock pickers . Protection from the elements Home and dry_resize Though tropical countries like Thailand and Bali enjoy a global reputation for glorious sunshine, travellers to such tropical destinations can still occasionally find themselves soaked in an afternoon downpour. At times like this, you want to know that whatever you are carrying in your bag – whether it's a change of clothes or a laptop – is going to stay dry. A wide range of lightweight waterproof protective covers are now available that can be fastened onto your bag or day pack for added protection against the rain. Generally made of nylon with a strengthening silicone coating, bag and rucksack covers are also a wise purchase for anyone planning to go on jungle or marine trips as part of a holiday. by