Keep your Holiday Body

Submitted by admin on 2015/04/09 11:40:11 AM
Many people spend weeks before their holidays building up an intense fitness regime to achieve the perfect swimwear body. Once you arrive in a relaxed destination like Thailand, it might seem tempting to letting your carefully crafted vacation physique slip away, but there’s no need to let the exercise routine lapse when staying at a private villa. Everyone likes to look good in their holiday wardrobe – particularly when you choose to vacation in a tropical destination like Thailand, where clothes generally involve little more than swimsuits, bikinis and sarongs. If you are staying at a private rental villa; there are no excuses for falling behind with your fitness regime. In fact, with an array of fantastic facilities at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to put together a new exercise programme to make sure you head home looking your best. If you lack discipline, then you can set yourself a holiday fitness regime to keep you on track. If your villa has a private gym, then that’s all-the-better, but even if it doesn’t, below are a few suggestions to help motivate you to start to the day healthy. Rise and Shine Beach jog It may sound obvious but Thailand is hot. This means if you are planning a cardio session, it’s best to get up early to do your exercises before the heat of the sun kicks in. Morning is also one of the best times to burn fat because you haven’t eaten anything yet. Kick start your metabolism for the day with a jog along the beach closest to your villa. If you are not a fan of running, then get your heart pumping with a power walk in the sand and surf. This way you can get a sweat on and enjoy the stunning coastal scenery at the same time. Burn Baby Burn Burpees For fitness buffs trying to shed a few pounds, interval training is a great way to burn fat. By breaking your workout into periods of intense work with recovery segments, your body will continue burning fat even after you finish your workout. Start with one circuit of 10 burpees, 10 mountain climbers and 10 jumping jacks – non-stop, no rests. Repeat full cycle with 15 of each, and then 20 of each. Then rest for two minutes. For the second part of your circuit, begin with 45 seconds of walking lunges, followed by a 15 second break. Follow with 45 seconds of pushups and 15 second break, 45 seconds of lunge jumps and 15 second break, 45 seconds of planking with a 15 second break. If you can still stand after this, repeat. Cool Down Swimming After your intensive circuit training (which is probably best done in the air conditioned surroundings of your villa) it’s time to cool down with some swimming. Swimming is a non-impact form of exercise, so it’s a great way to stretch your muscles out without putting too much stress on them following the main part of your workout. A slow swim will help your heart rate return to normal after your interval training, however, a slow swim of say, 20 lengths, is also going to target your endurance, which is also valuable exercise. Stretch Out Runners stretch By this time, your body may be close to its maximum exercise threshold. However, doing some stretches now will ensure that you avoid muscle pain and cramping later in the day. Some gentle yoga stretches will improve your flexibility and increase blood supply to the muscles, reducing the likelihood of muscle soreness in the evening. Ten minutes spent stretching will also leave you feeling calm and focused, ready for the fun day ahead. Protein Power Mango shake Exercise breaks down muscle, which means your body needs a good dose of protein to repair and build it up even stronger than before. According to some experts, it can actually be counterproductive to do resistance training (e.g. lifting weights) if it is not followed up with a healthy dose of amino acids. This means it’s time to whip up a healthy protein shake in your villa’s kitchen. A protein shake packs in plenty of flavour as well as nutritional benefits so try making your own with a cup of chopped mango, a cup of Greek yoghurt, half a cup of cold water, a splash of lemon juice and one teaspoon of chopped pistachios. Healthy and delicious.