Make the Most of Tropical Sunsets

Submitted by admin on 2016/03/14 10:54:58 AM
If you’re enjoying a vacation on an exotic Thai island like Phuket or Koh Samui, you have an inspiring choice of locations and experiences to enjoy while taking in the serene sunsets. Thanks to stunning scenery, laid-back island atmosphere and endless miles of shimmering ocean there are few better places to enjoy sunset than on a tropical island in Thailand. Whether you’re immersing yourself in the delights of the Andaman on Phuket or enjoying he gorgeous Gulf of Siam on Koh Samui, there are plenty of ways to revel in the splendid vistas as the sun sinks and paints the sky stunning shades of peachy pink and baby blue. While keen photographers might prefer to seek out the best possible views, other visitors might prefer to simply lie back with cold drink and soak up the end-of-day ambience. Below are a few different ways to enjoy the sunset moment. Right on your Doorstep Cocktails If you’re lucky enough to be staying in one of Thailand’s luxurious private holiday villas, then you’ll most likely be bathed in breathtaking ocean views all day, every day. Whether or not the pool outside your plush abode is west-facing, it’s always a fabulous place to absorb the blissful atmosphere of dusk. Ask the villa staff to mix a few cocktails to be served on the poolside terrace while you simply sit back, relax and enjoy. If the natural soundtrack isn’t quite the mood you’re looking for, you can always select a soothing sunset playlist to sooth you through the villa’s sound system. Up in the Clouds Promthep If you’re keen to capture some spectacular shots of the sun as it sinks behind the ocean waves, consider heading up to one of the popular island viewpoints. If you’re on Phuket, then Promthep Cape – the island’s most southerly point – is a favourite spot for those that want to make the most of nature’s daily show. Crowds tend to flock there around sunset because the views are so dazzling, so if you’re after a quieter and more romantic location consider an alternative like Panwa Viewpoint, which offers magnificent views of south and eastern Phuket. If you’re on Koh Samui, consider heading up to Lamai viewpoint to capture sublime images of the rocky coastline lit up by the fiery colours of twilight. Perfect Picnic Picnic If you want to set the scene for a romantic evening with your loved one, why not get things started by arranging a sunset picnic on the beach closest to your private villa? Whether you’re craving tangy Thai flavours or delicious Western comfort food, the villa’s private chef will be able to put together an appetizing array of nibbles for you to enjoy as you take in the crimson views. Islands like Phuket and Koh Samui cater well to visitors with a taste for the finer things in life, which means fine produce and wines are imported from all over the world. This means a sunset menu Parma ham, olives, soft French cheese, crispy baguette and fresh strawberries, all washed down with a bottle of good champagne. Sundowner Clubs Nikki Beach If you’ve had a busy day of sightseeing and your feet are sore from walking from one attraction to the next, having someone else serve you food and drinks as you sprawl out on a daybed overlooking the ocean is nothing short of bliss. Both Phuket and Samui are home to an impressive choice of sophisticated beach clubs and the best venues on the islands boast impressive fusion-style menus and alluring wine lists. A beach club is also a great place to be at sunset if you enjoy the buzz of an early evening drink accompanied by as local and international DJ sets. On the Ocean Wave Princess_Plymouth_JUN13-5991.jpg Whether or not you’re a keen sailor, there’s no denying that enjoying the ocean views from a privately chartered yacht as the sun drops behind the horizon is a perfect way to end the day. Thailand has a well-established reputation on the global yachting scene, and islands like Phuket and Koh Samui are now major hubs for those that enjoy the serene sailing lifestyle in Southeast Asia. Many visitors choose to hire a fully-crewed yacht for the day so they can enjoy watersports all afternoon before heading back on board for food and drinks at sunset.