Natural holiday skin savers

Submitted by admin on 2013/08/15 01:09:20 PM
Over exposure to sun, sea and sand can have an unhealthy effect on your skin. By investing in a few key products containing naturally beneficial ingredients, you'll remain radiant throughout your next tropical holiday and also when you get home. People who visit the idyllic beaches on islands like Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand often spend hours sunbathing and working on the perfect tan. If this is you, there are a few products you should consider to make sure that by the end of your vacation your skin is singing, rather than flaking. Famed for its culinary delights, the natural ingredients that can be found in many of Thailand’s famous dishes also contain a host of nutrients for the skin. Here are some key ingredients found in skin care products with a distinctly Thai flavour. Lemongrass Lemongrass body oil While you may expect this ingredient to be confined to your Tom Yum Gung, it is also great for the skin. For a quick home spa steam session, put a few stalks of lemongrass in a pot of water and bring to boil. Then lean as close to the water as you can for ten minutes with a towel over your head in your own miniature steam room. When you’re done, remove any excess dirt with cotton wool. Alternatively, the tangy aroma of lemongrass makes for a great body lotion. Dr Hauschka’s lemongrass body oil leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smelling great. Coconut oil Miranda Kerr_resize_resize Coconut oil is one of the stars’ best kept beauty secrets, and it part of the daily beauty regime of world famous model Miranda Kerr. A couple of tablespoons of coconut oil a day will nourish and moisturise your skin and hair from the inside out. Working this rich oil into your diet is simple, as it can be used as a simple salad dressing or stirred into your morning green tea for a little extra flavour. If you prefer to apply a skin care product then Thai Organic Life's Ultimate Skin Care is known as one of the best, Papaya Papaya_resize One of Thailand’s tastiest treats and most refreshing pick-me-ups is surely the little bags of papaya you can pick up from street vendors across the Kingdom. However, papaya also has some excellent skin care benefits. After cleaning your face, fresh papaya can be sliced up and run evenly over your skin as a toner before you moisturise. If you are more of a product junkie, Keihl’s Pineapple and Papaya Facial Scrub is a great exfoliant and packs in all the fruity flavour you could want. Yoghurt and turmeric mask Face mask_resize Every woman (and some men) like to indulge in a relaxing face mask once in a while, and if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your private villa, this spicy sensation is easy to create yourself. Mix one tablespoon of plain yoghurt with a tea-spoon of revitalising turmeric and spread evenly onto your face. Left on for ten minutes, this mask will reinvigorate your complexion after a long day in the sun, and will absorb any oil left over from previously applied sun cream. The yoghurt’s soothing properties and the turmeric’s anti-inflammatory agents will leave your skin feeling great throughout the evening. Aloe vera Aloe vera_resize Any serial sunbather knows that aloe vera is the best natural product you can get your hands on for treating sunburn. When your skin is sore from a bit too much sun, an aloe vera gel massage at a local spa can feel like heaven. For home beauty enthusiasts, aloe vera gel mixed with honey also makes for a great face mask. Using the gel from fresh aloe vera leaves or a store-bought bottle, rub the cooling ointment all over your face and let it soak in for around 30 minutes. In this time, nature’s best emollient will tighten up your skin as well as replenishing all the moisture that has been sapped out through a day of sunbathing. For beauty queens who want to keep it simple, Vaseline Intensive Care’s aloe vera range is a great product to keep to hand. The body lotion energizes dried out skin, and smells delicious. Keep your lips just as nourished with aloe vera scented lip balm from the same range. by