New Games for the Beach

Submitted by admin on 2016/08/08 10:30:38 AM
With a selection of beach games on your list of holiday activities, the soft sands adjacent to your private villa can provide hours of fun for the whole family. This year’s favourite beach games will keep children and adults busy and entertained. A beach holiday in Thailand provides the perfect getaway for the family – especially if you’re renting out a private villa with access to its very own stretch of secluded beach. While sun, sea and sand are sure to keep everyone happy –even the kids – for a certain amount of time; having a selection of pre-prepared beach games to hand means that you will be able to extend beach time to include several hours of fun, rather than packing up and heading home after an hour. There are plenty of great beach games that adults will enjoy getting involved with as much as children, creating scores of precious memories of the family holiday. Below is a round up of favourite games. Creative Kids Sand sculpting kit If you’re on holiday with crafty, creative little ones that would rather make something than throw a Frisbee around then a sand sculpting kit guarantees hours of artistic fun. The kits include a choice of tools for children to use and build their very own masterpiece, such as a beach pail, mixing tools and even a sculptor’s brush. If your kids are struggling to think of ideas for their own sculptures, let the tropical surroundings be their inspiration and encourage them to re-create their own palm trees, fish or even mini Thai temples. Beach Bowling Beach bowling Whether or not you enjoy family trips to the local bowling alley, you’re sure to revel in the opportunity to teach younger children to bowl on a sandy beach. A beach bowling set generally comprises a giant bowling ball along with six giant inflatable bowling pins, each one measuring approximately 70cm tall. Thanks to the enormous size of the skittles, little ones are much more likely to be able to connect with their target, increasing their confidence in both the game, and in themselves. Once they’re tired of bowling, you could even use the large (and therefore easier to catch) inflatable ball for other game variations. Fun in the Drink Waboba Ball If you’re feeling lazy then a game of catch in the refreshing surf on a stunning Thai beach could be just the thing to invigorate you. If you happen to have a Waboba ball, your game quickly transforms into something even more memorable involving hours of entertainment. The secret of the Waboba ball is that it bounces on the water. Simply launch it at the ocean, and see it bounce across the surface at high speed. The ball will zoom through the air and bounce off at obscure angles which means you have to work a lot harder to get your hands on it – but that’s all part of the fun. Competitive Sports Velcro throw and catch A highlight of many beach games is the fact that they cater towards players who, let’s face it, aren’t that good at catching. The Velcro throw and catch set is the ultimate throwback beach activity, and offers a helping hand to those who aren’t blessed with wonderful hand-eye coordination. Each player simply fits the disc catcher to their hand and uses the Velcro pad to catch the soft ball. If there are plenty of you, you could even set up your own mini tournament. Heads Up Target heads If you don’t mind running around your local beach on Phuket or Koh Samui looking a little crazy then Target Heads is the game for you. This exhilarating game is a step up from Velcro throw and catch, and is sure to mean plenty of giggles for both adults and children. First of all, you don your luminous Velcro hat. Second, get your soft balls ready. Third, take aim at your partner’s head as they run across the sand, with the goal being to get your soft ball to stick to their Velcro hat. Each time you strike, that counts as one point – great fun for everyone and good exercise too.