Oceanview Advantages

Submitted by admin on 2014/12/15 10:52:31 AM
A handful of reasons why an oceanview villa on Koh Samui or Phuket is the ideal accommodation choice for your vacation in Thailand. Home to a fascinating heritage that dates back hundreds of years, world-famous cuisine and a top notch hospitality sector, it is no wonder that Thailand tempts thousands of visitors to its shores each year. An increasing number of visitors seeking private accommodation are now opting to stay in one of the lavish private villas that pepper resort islands like Phuket and Koh Samui. Guests in search of the ultimate escape often choose an oceanview villa rather than one located right on the beach. Below are five reasons why… Room with a View Villa Liberty Thailand's beach views are undeniably lovely, but with a lofty vantage point atop one of Phuket or Samui's jungle-covered mountains, the entire coast, offshore islands and horizon framed ocean become your backdrop. Guests staying in one of the islands' ocean villas are greeted by sweeping panoramic views from a variety of rooms. Not only does this add an impressive ‘wow’ factor to the stay; it also means that these properties are great for photography enthusiasts seeking elevated vantage points to snap stunning pictures as the sun tracks all the way down into the ocean at dusk each evening. Enjoy the Sea Breeze Villa I If you are worried that Thailand’s high tropical temperatures will make you melt, then an oceanview villa on Samui or Phuket may be the perfect holiday property for you. Perched high on the islands’ hillside, temperatures are often a little more manageable than down in the warm hustle and bustle of the beaches and streets. The sea breeze is often a constant cooler, which means guests can lie out on their villa’s sun terrace without overheating. Privacy Guaranteed Headland Villa 1 Often surrounded by tropical hillside forest, oceanview villas provide a high degree of privacy, which beachfront villas can’t always guarantee. This means that your holiday won't be disturbed, and also that you won’t be disturbing anyone else. If you want to blast your favourite holiday anthems from the villa’s sound system – go ahead. There is no one around to hear it. The added privacy is also great for couples that want to enjoy some romantic private time as the views in the bedrooms and on the terraces are generally in one direction only – out across the sea. Value for Money L2 Residence In addition to boasting the best views and offering the most exclusive, private locations, oceanview villas on Samui and Phuket tend to be cheaper than beachfront villas. The lower price tag is more to do with perception, however, and definitely does not mean any compromise when it comes to the facilities on offer. Properties further away from the coast may be further away from shops and restaurants, so guests will most likely need a car to head out and explore. On the other hand, many people feel that staying a little further from the action is a bonus and with all the facilities and services you need on site, why leave the comfort of your villa at all? Tropical surroundings Baan Silavaree Fans of the exotic flora that really want to feel they have escaped to a tropical paradise will find an oceanview villa tucked away on a forested cliffside the ideal choice. Guests are often well placed for inland hikes and there's no better excuse to hire a four-wheel-drive vehicle and go exploring. For those that want to make the most of the interiors, Islands like Phuket and Samui also boast a number of waterfalls dotted throughout the jungle-covered hills that you can visit for a refreshing afternoon dip.