Personalised Rest and Relaxation

Submitted by admin on 2014/03/06 10:26:14 AM
Offering multiple choices to unwind in consummate privacy, holiday villas on Phuket, Bali and Koh Samui are often specifically designed to offer guests the ultimate place to relax and recharge in peace. In Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, hotels are often full for most of the high season. This means that favoured beaches and resorts in tourist hotspots like Phuket and Bali can feel overcrowded, even at the upper end of the price scale. Obviously, with too many fellow guests to compete with it can be difficult to find that peaceful oasis you seek on a tropical island holiday, which is why private villas are becoming top vacation choice for those who prefer to chill out in total tranquility. The best private villas offers guests an exclusive cocoon with a variety of places to sit back, relax and enjoy the views, the sun, a novel, or a blockbuster movie. Here are some ways to take full of advantage of that rare pleasure often referred to as personal downtime. Swing Gently Hammock The appeal of palm-clad shores kissed by azure waters and framed with soft white sand is undisputed, but how do you really lose yourself in beachside bliss? One oceanside accessory that’s guaranteed to take the stress levels down a few notches is a hammock. For many, hammocks are one of the first images that spring to mind when someone asks you to picture relaxation on a tropical island, but when you arrive at a resort they tend to be replaced by sun loungers. Many private holiday villas on Phuket, Samui or Bali boast at least one hammock for guests to recline and indulge in an untroubled afternoon nap. Resting in a  shaded hammock whilst enjoying the sea breeze is the perfect way to completely relax and soak in the tropical surroundings. Lost in Fiction Sunbed Whether you choose a hammock or a sun bed next to your private pool; when you stay in your own rented private villa, one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day is unhurriedly immersing yourself in a good book. In your home away from home, relaxing on the villa’s sun terrace, you are never too far  from chilled refreshment or a peaceful dip to cool off without worrying about dive bombing children or noisy fellow guests – unless they are your own family and friends, of course. Magical Massage massage Many of Southeast Asia’s private villas come with their own dedicated team of staff, whose responsibility it is to ensure guests enjoy the most relaxing stay possible. With the help of the villa’s manager, it is relatively easy for guests to organise the services of a personal masseuse to come to the property and treat then to a few personalised spa treatments. A Thai massage is a great way to iron out tension in the muscles, and after a day of shopping or scuba diving, this may be exactly what your body needs. Some villas even have their own dedicated massage rooms where guests can drift into a soothing cocoon of tranquillity without fear of disturbances. Bubble Heaven Relaxing in jacuzzi For some holidaymakers, an indulgent afternoon or evening at their private villa just wouldn’t be complete without a few hours spent relaxing in the sultry bubbles of a Jacuzzi. This is also another great way to ease aching muscles after a day packed with sightseeing and holiday adventures. With a wide selection of villa designs available, guests can choose whether they would prefer an outdoor session with sensational sunset views, or an indoor tub where they can indulge in a steamy private soak with their loved one. For a high-society buzz, a poolside Jacuzzi is also a great place to relax and enjoy a few pre-dinner cocktails with friends. Celluloid Escape Movie For people whose lives are a filled with demands and obligations from the moment the alarm rings to the second they hit the pillow at night, kicking back in front of a good movie is often one of the best ways to unwind. Whether you are on holiday with your fiancée, friends or family, there will always be a few films you want to see or TV series you want to catch up on. Private villas often boast top-of-the-line multi-media systems, not only in the lounge but also the bedrooms. Some villas also have their own TV den of mini movie theatre, which is great news for guests that want to vegetate with a screen marathon. For a truly tropical experience, pull down screens and projectors offer a unique, private outdoor cinema experience. by Wayne Hue