Picture Perfect Holidays in Asia

Submitted by admin on 2014/01/30 10:59:54 AM
One of the best things about travelling to an exotic location like Thailand is the stream of amazing memories you can post online or save in a file to remind you of the trip when you get home. Travellers that want to capture each and every magical moment should make sure to pack the right camera. The landscape of Southeast Asia is a vivid explosion of colour and texture. Whether you plan to photograph the warm hues of sunrise over rugged mountains, the vivid saffron of monks’ robes at a morning market or a twinkling array of stars spread out above the ocean, you need a high quality camera to do your snaps justice. In addition to stunning scenery, countries like Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam aso offers up a vast choice of activities for visitors. You will definitely want to capture the thrill of an ATV ride or a share pictures of your dive to a colourful reef. Fortunately, the colossal range of cameras on the market means you can easily find one that perfectly suits your photographic ambitions. Here are just a few  of cameras designed to make your holiday photos inspire. Shoot from the Hip Snazzy Samsung The snazzy Samsung WB30F Smart WiFi Advanced Compact Digital Camera is perfect for travellers who want a small, handy camera to tuck easily into their pocket and whip out whenever inspiration strikes them. This camera features impressive 16.2 MP resolution with a 24mm ultra-wide lens, in addition to a 10x zoom function for when you want to snap a few close-up shots. For travellers that can’t wait to share their holiday highlights with friends and family back home, the Samsung WB30F also features a handy WiFi button for instant connection to public networks, allowing holiday-makers to quickly share photographs on Facebook and YouTube. Pure Professionalism Canon EOS 700d Serious photographers that want to invest in something a little more high-end can’t really go wrong with a Canon. It’s the brand of choice for many professional photographers with models such as the Canon EOS 700D producing photographs of exceptional quality thanks to an 18-megapixel sensor and Vari-angle Clear View LCD touch screen. Travellers that want to capture stunning movement as video can also use the Canon’s Movie Servo AF, which keeps moving objects in focus whilst the video is shooting. Under the Sea Nikon coolpix Divers that want a few souvenirs of Asia’s magnificent marine life will love the Nikon AW100 underwater camera. This hardy piece of kit is water-proof and shock-proof, takes sensational photographs and also records full high- definition movies. The Coolpix remains waterproof to depths of 10 metres, making it perfect for snorkelling photographers drifting on the surface of the water to capture the rainbow schools of fish moving beneath them. The camera also features a 16-megapixel illuminated CMOS sensor, 5x zoom and built-in GPS. If you want to co-ordinate a camera with your holiday wardrobe, this nifty gadget comes in black, blue, orange and even camouflage. Android Apertures Otaku camera The last two years have seen a flood of improvements for photography using Android, including better cameras in the devices themselves and higher quality camera software. Camera MX is one of hundreds of apps available for Android devices, and includes the standard zoom, flash, white balance and ISO features. With Camera MX, it is also possible to choose from a number of themes and frames to personalise each picture. Otaku Camera is also the perfect Android application for creative photographers with special filters, frames and a selection of graphic overlays to transform any standard photograph into a manga or anime masterpiece. Eye for the iPhone Spanseed It has been said that no one should ever go on holiday without an iPhone. Easy access to the internet, maps and music make this an ideal travel gadget. The latest photography apps for iPhones add another advantage and one of the best is ProCamera7, which enables users to control both focus and exposure. Snapseed helps photographers capture the perfect light, colour and composition and can add a little more depth to your photographs with interesting textures and tones to help make your holiday photographs extra special.   by