Plane Fun

Submitted by admin on 2014/08/25 11:04:37 AM
If you are travelling on a long-haul flight with your kids, it’s best to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep restless little ones happy and entertained. As much as you love travelling with your little ones, there is no denying that keeping them entertained on a long-haul flight can be a challenge. However, savvy parents can plan ahead to ensure they always have a few techniques to settle little ones down. It’s important to get the basics right. Make sure you have all the essentials to keep your kids comfortable on the long journey, including their favourite pyjamas, toys and cute travel pillows. If your little ones are old enough, why not involve them in the process of packing their own mini carry-on cases? This will add to the holiday excitement. Meanwhile, if you need some entertainment inspiration, the list below of in-flight activities for kids will provide you with some inspiration for the trip. Playtime on the Plane Flying-with-Child If you remember being obsessed by your pocket Nintendo as a kid, then just imagine how exciting you would have found an iPad. iPads are the ultimate entertainment device for kids on planes, as you can fill them with games that appeal to your kids’ personal interests and skills. Every game available has an age rating, so it’s easy to tell if it will be suitable for your little ones. You can also load games with educational as well as entertainment value. In Rainbows 6281847-large If your kids enjoy arts and crafts, pack a Rainbow Loom set. If you haven’t heard about the colourful craze that is sweeping the globe, Rainbow Loom is a loom used to weave together multi-coloured rubber bands into cute bracelets and charms. Once the basic fishtail bracelets have been mastered, kids can move on to produce everything from miniature rubber band puppets to phone cases. This activity is probably best suited to kids who aren’t likely to ping their rubber bands at unsuspecting flight attendants and nearby passengers. Putting on a Show many-puppets If your children are too young to get creative with loom bands or play iPad games, you often have to get a little more creative. One way is to put on your very own finger puppet show for little ones. Simple and effective – the adorable look of delight on your kid's face will make all the effort worth it. Have even more fun by making your own personalised felt puppets with kids in the weeks or days before you go away. It’s a great way to build up the anticipation and excitement of the activity. Getting Arty onplane As soon as they are old enough to hold pens, it seems that little ones can’t get enough of creating their own masterpieces with colouring pens and crayons. Of course, on a plane, parents will want to restrict the amount of mess little ones make with their collection of colourful tools. No one wants to end up with a passport filled with toddler doodles. Crayola’s Colour Wonder notepads and pens are designed specifically so the ink is clear on most surfaces, but magically shows up in a range of colours on "wonder paper". Storytime A father reading to his children If it’s time for your kids to settle down for a much needed nap before you reach your final destination, why not settle them down with a story? Pack a few of their favourite fairy tale stories, or research a few new stories of your own. If you are heading on holiday to Thailand, transfix your kids with traditional Thai folk tales that will teach them more about the magical Kingdom they are visiting on vacation. The Rabbit and the Crocodile, Ungrateful Man and Phikul Thong are both Thai folk favourites.